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Can you lose 10 catties a month by sharing diet?

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This is not an era where fat is beauty, but an era where everyone regards Weight loss as a lifelong career.

It is easy to lose weight, but it is difficult to resist the temptation of various foods in life. Therefore, some seemingly easy and fast Weight loss methods can always attract attention. For example, German nutritionists put forward the "different diet method", claiming that it is not a problem to lose 10 pounds a month, and some celebrities have expressed their approval.

Is there such a miraculous thing?

What is the diet weight loss method?

What is the diet weight loss method? Simply put, it is to eat carbohydrates and protein separately. For example, staple foods (rice, noodles, etc.) cannot be eaten with protein-rich foods (meat, fish, eggs, etc.), but can be eaten with vegetables. For example, when you are eating a hamburger, you have to take out the meat in the hamburger and eat it alone, which is to practice the diet method.

Is this way of losing weight reliable? Many people believe in this weight loss method or try this weight loss method personally because this method was proposed by a German. Ahem, although Germany has always been trusted by people for its rigorous attitude, this does not mean that the diet method is reliable and credible.

In fact, an American named Herbert M. Shelton also proposed a way to lose weight by eating too much, and recommended that dieters eat more vegetables. Since this American is not a nutritionist, but an ordinary vegetarian, even if he proposes a method of overeating to lose weight, there is no scientific basis.

The split diet method is really unreliable!

The human body needs to get the nutrients it needs by ingesting food every day. If you deliberately diet to lose weight, it will inevitably affect the healthy development of the body. So, can the diet weight loss method really satisfy one's own food and lose weight?

Obviously, the answer is: dream! Why is it said that the diet method is unreliable? If you understand the following 2 points, you will naturally understand!

1. Divided food will also be digested and absorbed by the body

As we all know, the human digestive system is very complicated, and digestion and absorption is also a very long process. When the human body takes food into the body, whether it is divided or eaten together, it will be digested and absorbed over time.

In addition, there is no scientific basis to prove that eating carbohydrates and protein together will hinder digestion, so it is very unreliable to lose weight by splitting food.

2. Divided diet method is difficult to adhere to and difficult to operate

When it comes to eating divided food may help to lose weight, many people try, but this is often a manifestation of the three-minute heat. Because it is a troublesome thing for people who lose weight to insist on dividing every meal, most people find it difficult to stick to it.

In addition, for some foods that contain multiple ingredients, what should be done if you want to split the food. For example, steamed buns and rice contain both starch and grain protein. How can they say that they are divided into foods? Isn't it eaten together in the stomach?

If you want to lose weight, do it honestly!

Instead of believing in these methods without scientific basis, it is better to "stop your mouth and open your legs". Scientific weight-loss methods will effectively help people lose weight!

◆Insist on keeping your mouth shut

For people who lose weight, try to eat less greasy, fried, and high-fat foods every day. It is best to stick to a low-calorie diet every day. For example, you can choose some protein-rich foods with fruits and vegetables for breakfast and dinner. You can choose staple foods for lunch. With fruits and vegetables.

◆Stay open legs

Scientific weight loss is indispensable to exercise and fitness, which can not only improve human immunity but also contribute to weight loss. Zi once said that eating less, exercising more, and thinking about getting fat doesn't exist. You can do some aerobic exercises daily, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. It is best to keep 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Fitness can help lose weight, but it takes a period of time to see the effect. In addition, you must maintain a balanced diet and adequate sleep during the fitness process.

Healthy weight loss

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