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Diet strategy for not getting fat! Eat this way, you will get less meat

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Every holiday season, especially during the Spring Festival, the dazzling collection of New Year goods can easily make people lose weight. If you want to avoid gaining weight, please come and learn about the foods that are most likely to cause obesity!

Fried food

Many places have the custom of receiving guests with homemade food during the Spring Festival, among which fried food is especially common, such as oil weeds, sugar rings, potato chips, fried lotus root and so on. Although these foods have very good meanings and their tastes are quite attractive, it should be noted that after the food is fried, the calories become quite high, the fat content is high, and the starch content is also high. These are important factors that lead to obesity. Factors should be tasted only briefly. Especially people with three highs (high blood fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar) and liver disease should consciously abstain from them, so as not to aggravate the condition.

Candy, chocolate

In the Lunar New Year goods list, various flavors of candies and chocolates are always indispensable, and these foods often contain relatively high sugar content. Although sugar is the main source of human caloric supply, when the intake of sugar exceeds the human requirement, the remaining part will be converted into fat and stored in the body, leading to obesity. In addition, eating a lot of sugar can also cause tooth decay. During the Spring Festival, children should eat as little as possible.

Candied fruit

Candied fruit preserves have low water content but high sugar content. One is that the fruit raw materials used in the production originally contain sugar, and the other is that during the production process, in order to facilitate storage or make the taste better, honey, granulated sugar and other materials are added. Although it is not a big problem to take a few pills, eating too much can easily lead to high blood sugar. During the Spring Festival, when relatives and friends are gathering and chatting, it is easy to eat too much and consume too much sugar inadvertently. This is the rhythm of getting fat.

Hot Pot

During the Spring Festival, many people like to eat hot pot at the party, which is warm and lively, and the festive atmosphere is very good. But be careful, eating too much hot pot can easily lead to obesity, especially spicy hot pot, because this kind of hot pot contains a lot of red oil, and the food is rich, such as beef, lamb, hairy belly, etc., even if it has more calories. Low-grade vegetables will also increase the heat due to a large amount of oil during the blanching process. And when people eat hot pot, it is easy to overeat, and it is easy to be obese. If you really want to eat hot pot, it is recommended to eat some low-calorie fruits and vegetables before eating, eat a moderate amount of staple food in the meal, reduce the intake of meat and oil, and do not drink the hot pot soup base.

How to eat during the Spring Festival?

1. Eat as little as possible fried, greasy and high-sugar foods. If you really want to meet the season, just taste it.

Second, pay attention to the way food is cooked. It should not be too heavy. A light diet is good for health and weight control.

Third, it is necessary to pay attention to control the amount of food. The food is current and there is a lot of leisure time. Many people will overeat without knowing it, leading to obesity.

Many people are prone to gain weight during the Spring Festival. In addition to changes in their eating habits, their living habits have also changed. As the time is arranged at gatherings of relatives and friends, it is easy to neglect daily exercise. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, in addition to eating less of the above foods that can easily lead to obesity, we should also pay attention to strengthening physical exercises, so as to prevent "a few catties of fat every holiday"!

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