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Carbohydrate cycle weight loss method, let you eat willfully, can you lose weight?

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As the name implies, the carbohydrate cycle method is to use carbohydrate as the main line, to control its amount as a cycle, and ultimately achieve the goal of Weight loss.

The carbohydrate cycle method is to form a cycle based on the amount of carbohydrate every day, and then calculate the amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake based on body weight and exercise intensity.

This cycle is divided into three stages:

1. High Carbon Day:

A high-carbon day means that you need to consume more carbohydrates. The total calories exceed the usual calories, but the overall intake must meet the body's needs.

2. China Carbon Day:

What the medium carbon day needs is normal intake of breakfast and lunch, low intake for dinner, and only 300g of vegetables.

3. Low-carbon day:

Low-carb days are hard work. You can only eat breakfast and must be high in protein. Only 300g vegetables are eaten for lunch and dinner.

Generally speaking, most people will choose one high-carbon day, two medium-carbon days, and one low-carbon day. If you can bear the mental pressure, then you can make each day cycle. This mode is not to let you go hungry, but to maintain a high level of metabolic value on low- and medium-carbon days and burn fat efficiently.

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