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Want to lose weight, is it better to drink milk or yogurt?

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I chose to use milk and low-fat milk fermented sugar-free yogurt for comparison. In the comparison, it is easy to see that there is little difference between calories, protein and various nutrients.

First round: draw

2   Weight loss comparison
First of all, we must refute the rumors: drinking a cup of hot milk every night has no effect on Weight loss.

The benefit of milk for weight loss is to provide high-quality protein;

The benefit of yogurt for weight loss is that it provides high-quality protein while also providing some live probiotics to regulate the intestinal tract.

Although the advantages of yogurt are slightly larger, the sugar content of commercially available yogurt basically obliterates most of the benefits of yogurt. Moreover, room temperature yogurt such as Chunzhen and Anmuxi not only has no live probiotics, but also contains a lot of sugar, which is of no benefit to weight loss.

Second round: yogurt wins

3   cost-effective competition

From the perspective of price and convenience:

Now the price of milk is modest, and the price of yogurt is 2-5 times higher than that of milk according to the different packaging and compelling specifications.

From the perspective of convenience, milk is divided into two types: room temperature milk and fresh milk. There is little difference in nutrients between the two types of milk; yogurt is divided into two types: fermented milk and room temperature yogurt. Fermented milk is an aid for weight loss, while room temperature yogurt can only slow down. And the yogurt must be stored in the refrigerator, and the shelf life is controlled within 10-21 days. and so:

Game 3: Milk wins

The conclusion is: For 90% of the general public, it is better to drink milk during weight loss~

There are some exceptions:

Acne skin should drink less milk:

According to clinical studies, excessive secretion of IGF-1 can cause hyperkeratosis of the epidermis and increased sebum secretion, leading to the growth of acne, that is, acne.

The casein in milk will protect IGF-1, so don't be too obsessed with drinking milk for acne-prone muscles. Soy milk is also very nourishing.

Poor digestion can drink more yogurt

For people with poor digestion, milk will feel flatulence and uncomfortable, so drinking yogurt is a better choice.

Lactose intolerance cannot drink pure milk

Some people have diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. This is called "lactose intolerance."

Friends who are lactose intolerant can drink low-lactose milk (Xinyangdao, Shuhua Milk, etc.), or drink yogurt directly, because part of the lactose will be broken down into lactic acid during the fermentation of yogurt.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that there are many products on the market with various concepts. Which are real milk and which are milk drinks; which are real yogurt and which are yogurt drinks. Can't play business routines:

Milk: There is no obvious taste, with a slight milky smell.

Yogurt: White thick liquid, only sour taste, no sweet taste.

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