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Hip-hop is so hot, you can lose weight! The body that can jump is not bad

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As a form of dance, hip-hop has a good body shaping effect. Some people feel that hip-hop is too strong and can't stand it. Today, I will teach you a few simple movements to still achieve the effect of Weight loss.

Why do hip-hop can lose weight

Why does hip-hop can lose weight? Because the movements of street dance take into account the head, neck, chest, legs, waist, hips and other parts, there are more exercises on the small joints and small muscles. These parts are the places that are not usually easy to move; the rhythm of the coherent movements of street dance is very high. Fast, it is very helpful for the exercise of musical sense and dexterity. Its fun is easy to focus people's attention, so as to ignore the fatigue of exercise. Dancing can burn 300 to 400 calories per hour, if the rhythm of the dance is fast, it will burn more fat.

What kind of hip-hop can lose weight

1. Fitness hip-hop. It is a low-intensity aerobic exercise. Through the twisting combination of various feet and various joints, the motor cells of the whole body are mobilized.

2. Jazz dance. Aerobic exercise. It is a lively and angry dance, which is more suitable for young people. Express your emotions according to the rhythm of the music. By swinging the whole body rhythmically, fat can be burnt.

Points to note for hip-hop Weight loss

1. Choose comfortable sportswear and shoes.

2. Choose a safe, open and flat place to avoid accidents.

3. Warm up before exercise to avoid hurting your muscles and bones.

4. Exercise time must be more than 40 minutes to be effective.

5. After exercise, relax your muscles and change clothes in time to avoid catching a cold.

Three simple hip-hop dance steps to lose weight

1. Arc swing

Separate your legs, slightly wider than your shoulders, and straighten your left arm naturally. Accompanied by the rhythm, the hips sway in an arc to both sides, and gently pat the hips with the right hand. Stretch your body to the maximum, focusing on the waist and hip swings. When practicing, follow the swing of the hips and make rhythmic flexion and extension movements of the knees.

2. Raise your hands and turn your waist

Stretch the waistline, slightly lift one shoulder, and raise the left hand. Move the raised left hand to the waist naturally, and stretch the right hand to the left. Then, stretch your legs, straighten your waist, lean forward, and quickly turn your waist to the right. When practicing, straighten your shoulders, waist and legs to accentuate your body lines.

3. Sexy Wave

Look forward and stand upright. Extend your right arm to the side and bend your left knee slightly to create a shape. Move your weight to the left, bend your knees and squat, sit up straight with your upper body, and put your legs in a sexy posture. Following the rhythm, quickly stretch your knees and stand, ending the action. The point of this action is to use the instant explosive force to stand up after posing for a sitting posture, and make the ending action.

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