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The secret of a thin back: 5 exercises to easily repel the tiger's back

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Many female friends ignore the line of the back. The back and the waist always give people the feeling of being strong and strong. If you want to give others the first feeling that they are slim and beautiful, you can't ignore the work of the beautiful back.

Push up and run

Lie face down with your arms bent, palms on the floor outside your shoulders, feet hip-width apart, and toes tucked underneath. Invigorate your abdomen is tense, because you press your body all the way up to a complete waist straight up.

Lift your right foot and "run" your right knee to your chest, then quickly switch to bring your left knee to your chest. Switch on and off 4 times, then lower yourself to your original position. This is a representative. Try to do 10 times on one side (you may have to work up to 10 times or modify your knees to push).

YTI raises the back

Press and run on your last palm, lowering all the way down to the floor, pointing your toes. Extend your arms higher than your head and thumbs up. Extend your spine, raise your chest (this is your ‘Y’), and keep your toes on the floor. Spread your arms to the sides ("T"), then reach your arms, all the way back to your feet ("I"), if you can extend higher through your spine. Back down to the starting position. This is a representative. Do it 10 times.

Vertical push-ups

Put your hands close to the wall, stand with your body leaning forward, and keep your arms parallel to the ground. Then tighten the back, tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly lower the height of the body, hold for 10 seconds when it is as low as possible, and then slowly push the body back to the original position. Do at least 15 vertical push-ups at a time and try to practice every day.

Paddle practice

You can imitate paddling at home. It is recommended that you put on the music and adjust the frequency of the movement sometimes fast and sometimes slowly, which can make the exercise more interesting. After doing the paddling exercises, you can also do some large-scale turning movements to strengthen the deep muscles of the back. Note that your arms should naturally swing with your body when you turn.

Hands stretch

Hold your hands behind your back, straighten your arms as much as possible, and at the same time try your best to lift them up to the limit. Do this for 50 times. At this time, you will feel the area above the shoulder blades being squeezed, and it will also help to exercise the chest muscles.

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