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If you want to have a hip, don't miss these 5 foods

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A tight figure and perfect muscle lines are what people are looking for now. Let’s take a look at how to have it with our editor today.


Four effects of fitness, slimming, sculpting and increasing muscle endurance in one

Do you envy the ultimate perfect figure of the "Vidoria's Secret" goddesses? All other supermodels have practiced before, in exchange for a beautiful body shape with a perfect fit and unevenness, and the hip is an important key to the S curve. If you want to train the hip, the domestic and foreign supermodels have a reputation. The unanimous recommendation is to squat! But after all, the ultimate perfect body shape of a supermodel is not something everyone can do. You may not have a nine-headed body frame or a pair of eye-catching slender legs because of your congenital limitations. Like the supermodel, relying on squats to create amazing buttocks! And at the same time exercise the S-line of the abdomen and legs, it will definitely become the focus of everyone's attention!

Practicing yoga

Practicing yoga can shape your body shape very well, and it is a good choice for MMs who don't like to go out. Because yoga does not require high venues, you can practice yoga on the floor casually. For those who want thin buttocks, you can practice swimming on the thin buttocks. When you have time, you can practice more at home to achieve the purpose of thin buttocks. You can also exercise, which is very good.


Friends who love to dance can learn Latin dance. There are many hip twisting movements in Latin dance, which can exercise their hip muscles well and promote the consumption of excess fat. And the movements of Latin dance are very graceful, which has a very good effect on the extension and extension of the hip line. Can help you shape the perfect buttocks line.

Practice the diet rules for sexy buttocks

1. To make the buttocks firmer and avoid sagging and sagging, the first dietary principle is to reduce the intake of animal fat. Eating too much cream or cheese will not only make the blood tend to be acidic and make people tired, it will also cause fat to accumulate in the lower body and cause sagging buttocks. Therefore, it is best to use original plant protein such as soybeans, or low-calorie and nutritious Abundant seafood is the main food.

2. In terms of vegetables, pumpkin, sweet potato and taro are rich in cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce the chance of constipation, and create a slim and healthy lower body.

3. Furthermore, the choice of nutrients is also very important. Many women suffer from slim upper body but bloated lower body. At this time, they have to reflect on their daily diet to see if there is any shortcoming of insufficient potassium. As for the supplement of potassium, let's use vegetables and fruits as the main food! Brown rice, whole wheat bread, beans and cauliflower, these foods contain a lot of potassium, which helps to remove excess water from the body and make your lower body slimmer.

4. Multi-eating unsaturated fatty acids try to replace animal fats with corn oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. They all contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which can allow you to balance beauty and health.

5. Fish is not only lower in calories than meat, but also richer in protein, minerals, vitamins and dha, which can promote metabolism and consumption of body fat. It is also an excellent food for beautiful buttocks.

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