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The best exercise for weight loss, running for 30 minutes a day has these benefits

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The best exercise for Weight loss With everyone's emphasis on health, it has now entered the era of national sports. Appropriate exercise can not only enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, but also lose weight and reduce cellulite and relieve psychological pressure.

There are many ways to exercise, among which the preferred way of exercise should be running. In addition to being healthy, many people also choose to use running to lose weight.

However, related studies have shown that aerobic exercise such as running takes more than 20 minutes to burn fat. So if you want to get a better weight-loss effect, you must ensure that the length of each run is about 30 minutes.

If we can keep running for 30 minutes every day, what can we gain about Weight loss?

1. Consume a lot of calories

The following is a simple calculation of the calories burned for 30 minutes of running.

Calculation method of calories burned during running: weight (kg) x distance (kg)

For example, you weigh 65 kg and run for 30 minutes. (Since the average speed of slow running is 8 km/h, it is assumed that jogging is an average speed and will run 4 km in 30 minutes.) In this case, the calories burned are: 65kg×4km = 260 calories.

The average daily calorie intake of adults is about 1800-2200 calories. And running every day can consume 260 calories, which is equivalent to running for half an hour a day can consume 10% or more of the daily calorie intake. If the running speed exceeds the average speed, then half an hour of running will burn more calories.

2. Running has the effect of suppressing appetite

The best exercise for weight loss. Running has the effect of suppressing hunger. People feel hungry when their blood sugar is low.

But if you run at this time, it will break down fats and convert them into energy, thereby raising blood sugar levels and suppressing hunger.

Running for 30 minutes before eating can easily suppress appetite and prevent overeating and overeating.

3. Running has the effect of eliminating swelling

Running is also very effective in eliminating swelling!

First, swelling is caused by weakened lymph and blood flow due to immobility of the body and muscle weakness.

The best exercise for weight loss can improve the flow of lymph and blood by stretching and contracting the legs during running, and increase muscle mass, thereby reaping the effect of eliminating swelling. If you are also a physique with poor circulation and metabolism and easy to swell, then you must try jogging.

Every half an hour out of the sky, you can get many unexpected good results.

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