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Can exercise to lose weight and walk to lose weight?

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At present, office workers in the society are aware of the importance of exercise, and they also know that improving the body's metabolism and maintaining health are inseparable from exercise, but they spend their time at work with all their energy and it is difficult to spend their energy and time on exercise. If you do not exercise for a long time, not only is it bad for your health, but people will get fatter. So, can I walk thin?

Among friends who want to lose weight, there is a clear truth: exercise is an effective and only way to lose weight. But in the face of the pressure of life and work, it is difficult to have enough time to exercise to lose weight. But we can use normal walking to lose weight and shape. Now let’s introduce whether walking can be thin. Those who don’t know much about it can learn from the following.

Can I walk thin? Walking can be thin, but it also requires certain skills.

1 Brisk walking can lose weight:

Different from walking, walking faster and walking faster can help you lose weight. It is generally recommended to walk at least 140 steps per minute. For example, when commuting to get off work or going out, you can choose to walk faster on a flat and safe road. Until the body heats up and sweats, the heartbeat speeds up, and there is a sense of fatigue from exercise, it achieves the effect of fitness and brisk walking. But if the body itself has chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, hypoglycemia, etc., you need to pay attention to avoid sudden physical discomfort.

2 strides:

Not only can you walk fast, but you can also walk with appropriate strides. Don't be as lazy as you used to take a walk. You need to increase it to allow more parts of your body to move in order to have an ideal Weight loss and fitness effect. When striding, it can help stimulate the leg muscles, increase the heart rate, and increase the effect of aerobic exercise.

3. Walk more:

Increasing the walking time is undoubtedly increasing the time for exercise. People with the right conditions can keep walking for 20 minutes, and the company and home can choose to walk to and from get off work if they are close to each other. If there are no urgent things to deal with after get off work, you can get off one stop in advance from the bus or subway station according to the actual situation, take the car instead of walking, or take the turn to go to the market near your home to go shopping, and buy food to go home by the way. Inadvertently increasing the amount of exercise, the amount of exercise is also a key factor in determining the effect of fitness and Weight loss.

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