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Lose weight fast. Will walking lose weight?

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Whether we go to work or exercise, we can't do without walking on our legs. Although the means of transportation are very developed, for their own health, many office workers also choose to walk to work when commuting to work, in order to better facilitate the fragmented time movement. So, will walking lose weight?

Walking is also a category of exercise, so walking can have a Weight loss effect. But it should be noted that the length of walking, the speed and distance of walking, and the heart rate of the athlete, etc., can all affect the effect of Weight loss. The walking weight loss mentioned here does not mean that you can lose weight simply by taking a walk. Let's introduce whether walking will lose weight. Friends who don't know much about this can learn it by following the text.

1Improve walking speed:

When you walk briskly, your heart rate can reach the aerobic exercise zone, and you can lose weight by walking at this time. Because only when walking briskly, the body's joints and blood circulation will be accelerated to achieve the ideal exercise weight loss effect. But usually walking around after a meal, without the feeling of sweating, will not lose weight.

2 Walk more to lose weight:

If you want to have a better weight loss effect, you can only walk more. Make sure to walk for more than 30 minutes each time. Only in this way can the body's fat tissue be consumed and achieve the goal of weight loss. We can take advantage of the noon lunch break for brisk walking. Can be done before meals. After a lot of exercise, timely replenishment of water can also reduce the amount of meals consumed, and will not lead to excessive eating and excess calories.

3 Pay attention to the posture when walking:

Different from the usual walking state, if you want to have a fitness and weight loss effect, you should also use snacks in the walking posture. First, keep your body upright and keep your head up. Avoid hunched over and shoulders turned outwards. Beauty-loving women can also keep their abdomen during walking. If you stick to it for a long time, you can easily lose your belly, develop a good body shape, and improve your overall temperament. In addition, try not to play with your mobile phone when walking, so as to avoid danger and at the same time reduce the burden on your spine by bowing your head for a long time. You can choose to look at the scenery in the park with good air, put on headphones to listen to songs, and it will also make you walk easier and longer.

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