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You can do fat burning exercises at home and lose weight exercises at home

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Fat is an essential component of the human body, but if there is too much fat, it will lead to obesity. For women, too much fat can also cause hormone imbalance. This can induce premenstrual syndrome, affect women's menstrual conditions, and even cause infertility. Therefore, in addition to physical considerations, you must also insist on losing weight for good health.

If you are worrying about obesity, please start a sports life. Because sufficient exercise can burn fat, but also improve the circulation and metabolism of the whole body, it is a very effective way to lose weight and promote the formation of lean body.

Everyday life is very busy, and there is very little time for exercise. Faced with such a situation, it is recommended to do home exercises, which can save time and at the same time obtain good exercise effects.

This time, I will introduce two home exercises. The effect of Weight loss and shaping is not lost at the gym.

1. Step on the steps

If there are stairs, please use stairs; if there are no stairs, you can make a step with a solid object, the height is about 20-30 cm, but please be careful to choose non-slip objects to prevent sports injuries.

When exercising, make sure your back is straight, lean forward slightly, and your arms swing naturally. Cycle up and down every time like stepping on a step.

Don't be too impatient during exercise, you should gradually increase the amount of exercise, from a few minutes to ten minutes.

Step exercise is an aerobic exercise with a strong fat burning effect. It can increase the heart rate to the fat burning range in a short period of time. Therefore, step exercise can gain a strong fat burning effect in a short time.

2. Squat

If you want to get tight muscle groups and a fast metabolic environment, you must not lack muscle exercises for the lower body. This time, it is recommended to practice squats at home, which can improve the circulation of the body and trim the muscles of the lower body.

(1) When standing with your back straight, your legs are slightly wider than your shoulders, and your toes are about 30 degrees open.

(2) Adjust your breathing, tighten your abdomen and hip muscles, and then slowly squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. When squatting, make sure that your knees point to the outside of your body.

(3) Keep the squat position for two deep breaths and then return, and then repeat the squat exercise 20-30 times.

Squat exercises can effectively stretch the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, which can accelerate the recovery of elasticity and shape of the muscles in these parts, and also improve the blood circulation of the entire lower body. The effect of shaping and burning fat is extremely strong.

Usually don't have time to go to the gym to exercise? Then try to practice the above two exercises at home, the effect of slimming and shaping is as amazing.

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