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Haven't lost weight yet? Come and teach you how to lose weight fast

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How to lose weight quickly In order to lose weight, I have tried many ways to lose weight. This time, I will introduce a small Weight loss technique that few people know about. As long as you walk easily, you can lose weight.

How to lose weight by walking for 10 minutes before and after meals:

how to lose weight quickly? Exercising before meals can burn body fat when you are hungry. On the contrary, exercising after eating and eating is to prevent the food you eat from turning into fat. In other words, exercise before a meal is directly related to Weight loss, while exercise after a meal can prevent obesity and maintain weight.

Walking 10 minutes before a meal and 10 minutes after a meal is a way to lose weight easily without feeling guilty, because this method can not only lose weight and reduce fat but also inhibit the occurrence of obesity.

How to integrate walking before and after eating into life?

The procedure is very simple, just walk for 10 minutes before or after a meal. Brisk walking and climbing stairs are more effective, but if you don’t have a brisk walking environment, normal walking is sufficient. Let's take one day as an example.

7:00-8:00 breakfast and on the way to work

Walk to the station 10 minutes after breakfast. If you have time, please walk to the next station.

12:00--13:00 lunch break

How to lose weight quickly 10 minutes before lunch, walk to a restaurant near the office. After lunch, walk 10 minutes from the restaurant to the office.

17:00--18:00 Go home from get off work

Walk for 10 minutes on the way home, which happens to be exercise time before dinner.

18:00 dinner

After dinner, pick up the dishes and walk downstairs for 10 minutes.

This kind of exercise will not hinder daily life, but can also carry out adequate exercise before and after meals as scheduled. For people who cannot spend a lot of time exercising or who are not good at continuous exercise, this is a very effective way to lose weight and keep in shape.

Efficacy and benefits of walking 10 minutes before meals

If you are hungry before eating, your blood sugar level will drop. The energy consumed during walking will come from fat, and the effect of cellulite removal is remarkable. For those who want to lose weight gradually, pre-meal exercise is recommended.

Exercising the body before a meal can make the sympathetic nerves in a dominant state, have the effect of alleviating appetite, and can suppress overeating and overeating. However, when you are extremely hungry, try to avoid excessive exercise.

Efficacy and benefits of walking for 10 minutes after a meal

How to lose weight quickly After eating, the blood sugar level will be very high, and there will be a lot of sugar in the blood. If you just stay still, these sugars will become fat. Walking after a meal is a way of using sugar to be consumed before it is converted to fat, that is, sugar can be consumed without being converted to fat. According to experience, no more than 60 minutes after eating, and no more than 90 minutes at the latest. It can promote sugar consumption and avoid fat production.

In addition, walking for 10 minutes after eating can also suppress the desire to eat sweets after eating.

Please note that strenuous exercise should be avoided after eating (within 30 minutes).

Walk for 10 minutes before and after a meal, not only to lose weight, but also to maintain a good figure. At first glance, the effect of walking for ten minutes may seem small, but you can get many benefits if you stick to it.

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