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How many times can I lose weight by skipping rope

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The rope skipping method is a Weight loss method that many people often come to. This method is very simple. Most people can exercise anytime and anywhere, and the exercise intensity is easy to control. Then how many skips a day is effective for the rope skipping method? Today’s article will introduce it.

How many jumps a day is effective

Generally, people who lose weight by skipping rope choose about 1000-2000 per day, but in fact, there is no clear requirement for the number of skipping to lose weight. You can adjust it according to your actual situation. However, in order to achieve the effect of Weight loss, it is best to skip rope exercise every day. More than 30 minutes help fat consumption. Because everyone has different habits and frequency of skipping rope, the number of skipping ropes to lose weight is stipulated. However, as we all know, the effect of weight loss can only be achieved after exercise reaches a certain intensity. Therefore, the time for weight loss and skipping must last for more than 20 minutes .

For a person weighing 55 kg, skipping rope can consume about 90 kg of calories for 10 minutes, which is much higher than the 76 kcal consumed by playing basketball and the 74 kcal consumed by running. In addition, skipping rope also has the function of strengthening the cardiopulmonary function, strengthening the muscle strength of the shoulders, back, hands and feet, and improving the body curve. In terms of exercise volume, there is not much difference between 10 minutes of skipping rope and 30 minutes of jogging and 20 minutes of fitness. Less time can be said to be aerobic exercise that consumes energy.

Precautions for skipping to lose weight

Warm up, warm up before exercise is indispensable. Because the body joints cannot be opened immediately during exercise, it is easy to be injured, so you must know that you must warm up before skipping.

Overweight people are not suitable. Many fat friends think that anyone can lose weight by skipping rope, but in fact, not all fat people can lose weight. You must know how much skipping rope has on joints. People who weigh more than 20% of the standard weight are not suitable for skipping sports because the joints may be damaged.

Stretch well. In fact, many people become paralyzed directly after skipping rope, so please pay attention to stretching. This helps to quickly restore blood circulation and avoid problems such as pain.

The best time to lose weight by skipping rope

The best time to lose weight by skipping rope should be 3:00-8:00 in the afternoon, and during this period should also pay attention to avoid half an hour to an hour after a meal, because this time is not suitable for exercise. Some people skip rope before meals to reduce their appetite, which is unscientific. Strenuous exercise is not allowed one hour before meals and after meals, the best time for human activity should be from 3 to 8 pm. Therefore, skipping rope during this period will have a better weight loss effect. The best time for human activity should be 3 to 8 pm, and the shortest time for skipping rope should not be less than 30 minutes, because less than 30 minutes will not achieve the purpose of consuming fat, and the longest time should not exceed 2 hours. Because overtraining for more than two hours makes the body extremely fatigued.

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