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The best way to lose weight by skipping rope to burn more fat

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The best Weight loss exercise, skipping rope is simple and easy to do. It has the dual effect of aerobic exercise and muscle training and is very popular in Weight loss.

This time, I will introduce the "rope skipping method", which is easy to exercise and has a strong effect of reducing fat.

Rope skipping belongs to aerobic exercises, such as walking and jogging. It can effectively burn fat by jumping, and can train muscles while jumping. Therefore, skipping rope can help shape the waist, abdomen and lower body while losing fat.

In addition, skipping rope also has the effects of "improving cardiopulmonary function", "improving rhythmic agility" and "inhibiting stress". It has the effect of healthy body and improving circulation and metabolism of the whole body.

How to lose weight with skipping rope?

Effective way to burn fat rope skipping:

The best weight loss exercise in the early stage of exercise: skip rope 60-100 times per minute, skip rope continuously for three minutes, then rest for five minutes, exercise cycle jump three groups every day.

After the body adapts, you can gradually increase the number, and you can jump in groups for about half an hour every day.

Notes for skipping rope:

1. The ankles and knees are always in motion when skipping rope, and keep tension. Therefore, it is best to avoid jumping on concrete. It is also recommended to wear shoes with high cushioning properties for practice.

2. For women, if they wear loose underwear to jump rope, the vertical movement of the chest will become larger, which may cause troubles such as collapse of the bust line and sagging of the chest. Therefore, you must wear underwear that can stabilize your chest when skipping, to ensure the safety of your chest and prevent your chest from deforming.

3. The type of skipping rope can be selected according to your own preferences, and there are no too many restrictions.

4. Be sure to perform sufficient warm-up activities before skipping, so as to obtain the effect of burning more fat. In addition, stretching before exercise can also expand the range of muscle activity and help improve muscle shape.

5. Massaging or stretching particularly tired legs after skipping rope can help shape the legs. In addition, exercise muscle stretching can also promote blood return, help blood circulation and increase metabolism, and promote lean physique form.

The operation of rope skipping is simple and does not require too much of the venue, which is more suitable for the masses to lose weight. Not only that, skipping to lose weight can also help you become more stylish while getting thinner! Jump up for half an hour every sky, and you will have amazing results in one month. The best weight loss exercise.

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