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How to lose weight with banana milk

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Banana moistens the intestines and has a good Weight loss effect. However, even with the use of bananas, which is an artifact of Weight loss, some people have not been able to lose weight. why? Most of them are useless. Today, let’s talk about how to do the milk banana weight loss method.

Milk banana diet

Mix with milk, usually eat too much, put bananas and milk into a blender to blend into banana milk, or mix with other fruits and vegetables, greatly increase the intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber, simple and delicious, adjust the body Balance can eliminate waste from the body.

Use bananas instead of sugar, peel the bananas or slice the bananas directly, which is convenient and delicious. But bananas can actually replace sugar, butter and other seasonings with sweet, sugar or fat content. When eating sliced ​​bread, you can slice the banana directly and eat it on the bread. Or mash the banana, add a small amount of milk or water to dilute, and then use it as a sauce. Banana can make full use of its active ingredients instead of seasonings. Potassium can lower blood pressure, and dietary fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis and reduce accumulation in the body.

Paired with cinnamon, milk and banana are a good match. Both contain an amino acid called tryptophan. Adequate intake of tryptophan can help you improve sleep, which is closely related to weight loss. A good night's sleep can effectively secrete leptin, control appetite, get up early the next day and be energetic, and actively participate in your own weight loss career. While making yourself a cup of banana milk, don't forget to add a little cinnamon powder, which can promote blood circulation, make the body feel warm, and improve metabolism.

Chill bananas, buy bananas, and store them in the refrigerator. In the afternoon, because the time interval between lunch and dinner is too long, it is easy to have an empty stomach, the appetite is unbearable, and the mouth is very greedy. At this time, take out the iced banana and simply peel it off and eat it. Sweetness alone satisfies the gluttony, while cellulose helps you eat, lose weight, and be healthy.

After cooking, add some honey and put the cut bananas in a pot to boil. It will give off a natural and rich fragrance, which can relieve stress and fluctuating feelings, and suppress the burst of appetite. Millimeters who like sweets can also use bananas to reduce their intake of processed sugars.

Sprinkle with acai berry powder, the combination of banana and acai berry is also very good, but acai berry is a fruit from Latin America, and there are many powdered foods using this kind of berry fruit as the raw material. After mixing with banana, milk, soy milk, etc., sprinkle a little bit of acai berry powder to mix, drink together to have the effect of weight loss.

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