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After giving birth, you can also have a charming buttocks, all relying on 6 movements!

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The buttocks determine whether your body is S-shaped. It can be seen that the shape of the buttocks is still very important.

Many people now have meat on their buttocks, but too much meat is ugly. What should I do if there is too much fat on my buttocks? The editor below tells everyone the answer.

Back leg lift

Stand facing the wall, hold your hands high on the wall, use one leg to support your body, and slowly lift the other leg backwards, and this leg should be as straight as possible, and then stick to this action until you feel the thigh muscles After soreness, slowly let it go, and then switch to another foot and perform the same movement.


Open your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, raise your head and chest, hands on your hips, and then squat halfway. Keeping this posture can exercise your legs and buttocks, allowing you to have strong, straight legs and straight buttocks.

High leg exercise

In elementary school physical education, many people have tried high-leg raises! In fact, for MM with big buttocks, getting up every day to do high-leg exercises is also a good way to thin buttocks. The high leg raise exercise can effectively exercise the buttocks muscles and achieve the purpose of reducing the buttocks.

Climb the stairs

I personally think that climbing stairs is also a very good way to thin buttocks, because the action of climbing stairs can exercise the muscles on both sides of your buttocks and tighten your buttocks.

You can take the stairs more when going to work and after get off work, and you can cultivate the stairs as a living habit. For those girls who don't like sports, it is a good fitness method.


Friends who love to dance can learn Latin dance. There are many hip twisting movements in Latin dance, which can exercise their hip muscles well and promote the consumption of excess fat. And the movements of Latin dance are very graceful, which has a very good effect on the extension and extension of the hip line. Can help you shape the perfect buttocks line.

Thin buttocks

There are a lot of thin hip exercises on the Internet, but I personally recommend the following one, which has the most obvious effect. Thin hip exercises: stand up, lean against a chair or wall on your right side to maintain balance. Lift your left foot and grab the ankle with your left hand. With your body in balance, raise your left hip, then restore your knees together and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat two for each leg

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