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6 ways to "train" easy to lose weight physique, eat and drink will not get fat!

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Hearing about the easy-to-thin physique, many people want to have it. Can it be achieved through acquired? Let's talk about it today.

What is easy to lose weight?

The so-called lean physique actually means that the body's metabolism is fast, and it is not so easy to grow meat even if you eat high-calorie foods. On the contrary, obese physique has a relatively low metabolic level, and it is difficult to consume the calories and fat accumulated in the body, so it naturally hoards meat.

Is easy to lose weight without getting fat?

The BBC once conducted an experiment: gathered together ten thin men who had not eaten fat since they were young, and ordered them to eat a lot of food every day without exercising, to see what happens to their bodies.

During the experiment, they need to eat 5,000 kcal of food every day, such as fried chicken, potato chips and other foods, and can only walk a maximum of 5,000 steps per day, which is equivalent to about 3.2 kilometers.

This experiment lasted for four weeks, and the results of the four weeks:

They are all fat!

Therefore, the fact that you don’t get fat even if you eat does not exist. It is impossible to achieve a physique easy to lose weight through sports such as running.

In fact, the physique easy to lose weight is in our living habits, as long as we develop good living habits, we can also become a physique easy to lose weight!

(1) It is best to have a fixed time for meals, and make sure to take 3 meals

The meal time is not fixed, and I don’t know when the next nutrition will come in. If the body feels anxious, it will absorb excess calories. It is best to take 3 meals a day and take it at a fixed time. When you have no appetite, it is OK to drink fruit and vegetable juices.

(2) Chew more and eat slowly

Chew less frequently and eat until you feel full. In addition, eating too fast also tends to get fat. It's best to have a meal while talking with others, and be careful not to eat too fast.

(3) Greasy meals are best eaten at noon

Those who like meat and fried foods should take it once a day and at lunch. If you eat it for dinner, there is a possibility that it will directly turn into body fat due to the low amount of activity! For those who like to drink alcohol, it is best to avoid fries, etc., try to choose fish and vegetables.

(4) Divide snacks into small packages

Those who have to eat snacks can switch to nuts and dried fruits that are rich in vitamin E and minerals. Especially like biscuits and snacks, because it is easy to consume too much, it is best to cultivate the habit of eating ingredients.

(5) Pay attention to the order of eating. Those who always start with the favorite things, as long as they change the order of eating, they can become lean-prone physique! Eating salads and soups first, followed by protein-rich main dishes, and finally eating carbohydrates such as rice and bread can slow the rise in blood sugar.

(6) Make sugar easier to burn

Sugars that are the root cause of obesity are best paired with ingredients containing vitamin B complex. For example, rice with eggs and natto, or sashimi such as tuna and bonito as side dishes and so on. Only in this way, it becomes a combination of easy-to-burn sugars, and can be closer to the easy-to-lean body.

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