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How can I reduce the fat in my belly? Here are the 3 easiest ways

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Why do you love growing meat on your belly

Let's start with fat cells. The fat in our body is all contained in small fat cells, just like small pockets. How many small pockets do you have? Where are these small pockets distributed? This is genetically determined. The most direct way is to look at your parents... If your mother has very thin legs but full of fat on her back and waist; then you are also prone to "growth" on your back and waist; if your mother has a pear-shaped body , Then if your body fat is high, you probably have more fat on your legs.

In fact, after becoming an adult, whether you are fat or thin, or if you are lucky or not, the number and distribution of your small pockets (fat cells) are difficult to change (seriously). Because girls have very important reproductive organs in their abdominal cavity, compared with boys, girls have a lot more abdominal fat cells than boys...As I said before, because fat cells have a very important function of heat preservation, and reproductive organs It needs heat preservation...

But don't panic, because what we can change and what really matters is not how many fat cells there are, but whether these fat cells are bulging or deflated.

How to shrink fat cells? ?

Deciding whether fat cells become bulging or deflated is not whether we do abdominal crunches and planks every day, but the "calorie difference" between our daily calorie intake and consumption.

If your daily calorie intake is greater than your consumption, then these calories will be loaded into fat cells, making these cells more and more bulging; on the contrary, if your daily caloric intake is less than your consumption, then you have to keep from fat cells Take the calories out and consume it, and the cells will become more and more deflated.

How to reduce belly?

1. Abdominal massage

The use of kneading and massage cream is very good for improving fat. Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote peristalsis, reduce the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, promote blood circulation, and allow excess water to be excreted from the body. With the belly button as the center, put a question mark on the abdomen and massage along the question mark, first on the right side and then on the left side, each massage 30-50 times, massage once a day.

2. Do housework and stomach

Do not use a vacuum cleaner when sweeping the floor, use a rag and a broom, and consciously increase your amount of exercise. Choosing to wash and iron clothes at noon when the temperature is high will cause a lot of sweat. When you're hungry, cook yourself an exquisite slimming lunch.

3. Slap on the abdomen

First stand upright on the spot, adjust your breathing slowly, and keep your natural breathing to relax your body. Then put the fingers of both hands together, and at the same time bend the back of the hand slightly. Then pat the abdomen with this hand posture. When you pat, you can hear a relatively low "pop, pop" sound, and there is no pain, so continue to pat for 5 to 10 minutes, and then relax and rest. Abdominal muscles are effectively exercised because of constant beating, which can also promote blood circulation in the abdomen, and can promote the fat in the abdomen, which makes it easier to break down and be consumed, and can prevent fat accumulation.

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