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Weight loss experts share what to eat, what to eat less, and what to never eat

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A Weight loss expert who lost 30 pounds in half a year shared with us her dietary experience: What not to eat? What to eat less? What must be eaten!

  Never eat foods: fried, grilled, greasy, tropical fruits, snacks, milk tea ice cream, yogurt containing agar, offal, coffee and tea.

   Foods to eat less: staple foods (such as rice, noodles, noodles, pasta), foods with high starch content, such as potato lotus root slices, pork, beef, and mutton.

   can eat food: meat, chicken, duck, fish, seafood. But don’t eat chicken skins, all vegetables, high-quality protein beans, milk, etc.

   Regarding taste, quit spicy and oily. The oil here refers not only to fatty meat and the like, but also to the oil used for stir-frying. Oh yeah. Regarding eggplant, there is a dish called fried egg strips, which is really delicious. But really don't eat it during weight loss.

  I usually have a fixed diet, and I exercise a lot. It looks like I can walk 6/7000 steps a day. The amount of drinking water is about one thousand, and the bottleneck period has not yet been encountered.

   At 7:30 in the morning, steamed buns or pastry + milk or colostrum.

   around twelve noon, because of the cafeteria. Just be careful not to step on the thunder. Regarding the amount of staple food at noon, I think it is completely based on your own situation, and try to eat as little as possible.

   Around six o'clock in the evening, fruit. Or yogurt. Or boiled vegetable leaves, put some light soy sauce.

   Weight loss is an individualized process. Therefore, the situation of others has only certain reference significance. Everyone encounters bottlenecks in the process of losing weight. Just stick to it anyway! Also lose weight faster at the beginning, because it is all water hahaha. Later, it will slow down a bit, the fat is lost, so hold on! In addition, if you want to order something delicious, you can try the hot pot, but remember not to eat sauces such as sesame sauce, peanut butter, etc., just eat light soy sauce.

   Finally, I wish everyone a Healthy weight loss success.

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