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After the teacher gives birth to the child, he relies on walking for half a year to lose weight by 3

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Fitness follows the feeling? I thought it was incredible, but there is something in life. A teacher walked to exercise, lost 30 kilograms in half a year, and walked out of a healthy body.


After giving birth to her daughter, Ji Zheting weighed 140 kilograms. She was panting when she walked. She was teased by colleagues & You sacrificed a lot for the next generation. Her daughter is white and fat, and she can be a mother, but also How about being white and fat?

   So he said that I should lose weight, and she tried to work out after returning home. Doing push-ups? No, you can't support 10 strokes with such a heavy body, so you get down. Practicing weightlifting? It's even more impossible to bear. Running in the morning every day? There is not enough time to take care of the children and go to work. What to do? It happened that an old man on TV was talking about fitness experience, brisk walking is the best fitness exercise. Yes, I don't take a car to work every day. I walk 40 minutes to school without any help. That's it! I walked 40 minutes one way, and I can't help but stick out my tongue. But if I want to change, I have to pay.


   It said that it didn’t feel good to walk down the first day. It was early winter, walking all the way, sweating profusely, and even the autumn clothes and long trousers were sweaty. I wanted to take a break several times in the middle of the journey and check my watch. The working hours were tight, so I arrived at the unit in embarrassment. The colleague asked, will you leave tomorrow? Go, you must go.

  Dare to ask where the road is? The road is underfoot, Ji Zheting laughed at herself. I clenched my teeth for a week, and I didn’t pant so violently. I walked for a month and felt refreshed in the morning; day after day, half a year later, the effect is surprisingly good. Standing, lost more than 30 catties. Say goodbye to bloated obesity, and restore the pre-birth slenderness.


Someone asked, does it feel monotonous on the road for an hour and a half every day? She tells you that in the cold spring, strolling on the streets, looking for a touch of fresh green in spring; in the early morning of hot summer, observe and choose the shade of green, hide and seek with the sun; in golden autumn, walk in the yellow leaves Embellish the roadside and admire the autumnal beauty of the branches. Walk quickly, the warmth radiates from the inside out, full of poetry.

   In a blink of an eye, she walked to work. She has persisted for many years. Ji Zheting said that she walks briskly every day, her feet are in close contact with the earth, her heart is closely integrated with nature, and she feels the profound meaning of the unity of nature and man. After work, if you rarely exercise, you might as well come and walk.

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