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What is the reason of unsuccessful weight loss during menstrual period?

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Why not lose weight during menstruation

  Many people say that menstruation is the best time to lose weight, but many people also experience the problem of not losing the scale during menstruation. Generally speaking, it is normal to not lose the scale during menstruation, which is related to the decrease of estrogen secretion, but it may also be due to the following reasons.

   1. In a bad mood, upset and irritable, not weighing down. When you are in a bad mood, the blood flow is not smooth, the meridian is easily blocked, so that the body's calorie and fat metabolism cannot be released, which will cause the weight to rise or lose weight.

2. If you eat too much, you can’t lose the weight. Because eating too much will burden the stomach and intestines, you need a lot of blood to supply it to help digestion, so that metabolism in other places is slow, and the calories eaten cannot be completely metabolized and converted in the body. Into fat. It will cause the balance or increase the balance.

3. If you eat too much salt, you will have high blood pressure. If you eat too much salt, you will drink too much water. The reason is that the body is in a state of thirst and cannot detoxify. Salty things can store a lot of water. Metabolism does not go out, fat contains water and is not easily metabolized.

4. Constipation cannot be eliminated as the channel to eliminate toxins and fat from the body. It is sweat and urine and stool, mainly stool. The toxins in the human intestine are 1-15 kg. Constipation prevents toxins from being excreted from the body, resulting in more in and out. Thereby affecting the weighing.

   5. Drinking alcohol and beverages can’t drop the scale. Alcohol has the highest calories. Drinks contain high carbohydrates and sugars and are not easily metabolized, so they don’t fall off the scale.

  6. ​​Do not lose weight before menstruation. Before menstruation, water is stored in the body. Generally, when menstruation comes, the weight will only rise and will not fall off.

  7. We can't lose the scale without eating or drinking. Our aim is not to go on a diet. That is bad for the body and easy to rebound. If you don't eat or drink, the body will have nothing to promote your metabolism, and it will also cause you to lose weight.

8. Acupuncture, massage, and pedicure during Weight loss are not worth mentioning because during Weight loss, the meridians are cleared and the circulation of qi and blood is promoted. If other items are done during weight loss, the circulation of the meridians in the body will be confused and blocked, which will affect the weight loss effect. scales.

  9. Diarrhea, colds, and other medicines can’t lose the scale. Diarrhea, the stomach and intestines work abnormally, affecting the instability of metabolism.

  10. The fat balance period does not lose weight. When the fat is reduced to about 5 to 10 kilograms, if there is no violation of the regulations, the fat balance period has occurred, which is a process of fat reorganization. At this time, the weight does not fall off.

  How to lose weight during menstruation is the fastest and most effective

   1. Grasp the "period" to reduce weight naturally

   I believe that many girls have this experience: instead of ingesting too much food, their weight keeps on increasing; or if they don’t do any exercise, their weight is relatively reduced. At this time, are you suspecting that you are not an ordinary person? In fact, this phenomenon is very common. Because women's menstrual cycle changes will promote corresponding changes in weight, that is to say, the weight will be slightly reduced during the menstrual period, and the weight will increase slightly after the menstrual period. As long as you seize the good period, your weight loss goal can definitely be achieved.

  2, adjust your staple food in the "best weight loss period"

The second day after the menstrual cycle is the best time for you to lose weight. Do not consume more than one staple food (cereal food, or rice, bread, etc.) on this day, and reduce your sugar intake. All to avoid accumulating too much energy in your body. We recommend that you do more exercise on this day, only eat staple foods during lunch, and consume some other foods besides the staple foods for breakfast and dinner, such as fruits, vegetables, etc., but you do not need to reduce the amount.

   3. Do gymnastics the next day after adjusting the staple food

  Because you only consume the staple food during lunch, you can measure your weight the next day after the adjustment, and you should be able to reduce 1 kg (2 kg). Before eating breakfast, come to exercise, use jumping exercises to burn excess fat in your body, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. But it must be remembered that you must do it before eating breakfast, otherwise, not only will you not lose weight, but you will also rebound. Why bother?

   4. Adjust your staple food after a week

   After you finish the gymnastics, you can return to your normal eating habits. Wait until the same day a week later, and then follow steps 2 and 3 to recycle again. However, it should be noted that in the days before the menstrual period and during the menstrual period, the weight loss effect is not very good, and the body weight will be slightly reduced. Therefore, you should stop all the above actions and wait until the menstrual period is over before continuing. Diet plan.

   The best time to lose weight during menstruation

   1. The best time to lose weight is the second day after menstruation is over

. But it should be noted that this day's nutritional intake should not be too much energy. It is recommended to do some simple exercise on this day, mainly a meal, you can eat more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins. Eat less staple foods as much as possible, this is to avoid excessive accumulation of energy and calories in the body.

  2. The third and fourth days of menstruation are the best time to burn fat. Because the body's brain immunity is poor during menstruation. You can use some barley porridge to regulate neurasthenia, regulate the spleen and stomach, and the most important thing is that it has significant effects on weight loss and breast enhancement. The energy consumed in these two days can be consumed by brisk walking. It not only maintains good fitness, but also has the effect of weight loss and breast enhancement.

  3. After one week of menstruation, you should adjust your diet and rest time. Let the body get better relaxation, this is because the secretion of hormones during menstruation makes mood irritable. Therefore, one week after the menstrual period, you should calm down to restore your body to its original best state. But don't relax at this time, try not to eat cold food, because if you drink these foods or drinks, it will cause dysmenorrhea next month. Don't stay up all night at the same time. Because staying up late will make the body unable to get a normal rest, and the body's secretion will also be affected. If you only do the above three points and do not pay attention to staying up late, then the weight loss will not be effective.

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