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Exercise to lose weight. How to stovepipe

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Summer is here, hot pants and suspenders are essential clothes, so girls should show their beautiful curves at the right time, but if their legs are thick, they can’t wear shoes. Many people think they are looking for ways to thin their legs. Today Let's talk about what exercises can thin the thighs.

What exercises can you do to thin your thighs

Raise your legs high. After you get up every day, you can do five sets of leg raises in the living room or room. Each set takes one minute and each set can rest. High leg raise is a good stovepipe exercise. In the process of raising the leg, the meat of the thigh will tremble with it, which is conducive to the burning of fat.

Cycling, cycling is a very leisurely activity, but also a very good and effective stovepipe exercise. In the process of riding, the thigh muscles are exercised, and the excess fat on them will naturally disappear.

Climbing the stairs, walking the stairs can stretch the thigh muscles, promote blood circulation, and promote fat burning. If you want to slim your legs, you might as well take a few more stairs. There may be unexpected surprises.

When swimming and swimming, people usually use the buoyancy of the water to lie prone or supine in the water, relax and stretch the whole body, so that the body develops comprehensively, symmetrically and harmoniously, and the muscle lines are smooth. Water sports reduces the impact of ground motion on bones, reduces the probability of bone aging, and makes bones and joints less likely to deform. The resistance of water can increase the intensity of a person's exercise, but this intensity is different from equipment training on land. It is very soft and the training intensity can be easily controlled in the aerobic zone. Stiff muscles will not grow, and the whole body can be smooth. Beautiful. Therefore, it is very important to keep your legs moving in the water. Of course, everyone must be prepared for exercise before swimming.

Rope skipping, skipping rope is a very effective aerobic exercise. In addition to the general benefits of exercise, it also has many unique advantages. Jumping rope for half an hour consumes 400 calories. If you skip rope for 10 minutes, it will consume about 30 minutes of jogging. It is a kind of aerobic exercise with low time consumption and high energy consumption. Firm.

Squat, squat is a good way to exercise the lower body, can significantly improve the pear shape. MMs can exercise while watching TV. According to the different parts of the stovepipe, you can adopt the basic posture of standing, with your toes slightly inward and outward, which has a significant effect on tightening the outer and inner muscles of the leg!

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