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Running is not thin? There was a problem here

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Sweating during running will lose blood and muscle fluid. If you can't add water in time, the blood will become turbid, you will not be able to excrete waste, transmit oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a decline in running performance. This is why the running effect is not obvious. In order to improve running performance, you must add water skillfully while running, so that you can lose weight faster and run healthier.

How to add water? Introduce some hydrating methods:

Before running

Drinking a large amount of water at one time is difficult to be completely absorbed by the body, and finally the water that you drink will be converted into urine and excreted. Therefore, the correct method is to replenish water at high frequency during running.

One to two hours before running, you need to drink about 500ml of warm water slowly.


It is recommended to add a glass of water every 15 to 30 minutes during running (4 times per hour, for a total of 500 ml to 1 liter). If the lips are dry, it means that you have entered a state of water shortage. Therefore, you must take the initiative to replenish water when running to prevent the body from being dehydrated and avoid affecting the running effect.

Long-term running, tips for replenishing water

When running for a long time, the body will consume more water and minerals. Therefore, you can add some salt or a small amount of sports drinks to the water supplemented during long-distance running. This can quickly replenish electrolytes such as sodium and magnesium that are lost due to moisture and sweat. Helps to improve the effect of exercise, thereby burning more fat.

Replenish water after running

Replenishing water after running is very important. It can promote the smooth discharge of fatigue substances, help reduce fatigue after exercise, and promote the continuous running of running. However, when you drink water, don't drink it all at once, but drink it slowly, which is more conducive to the body's absorption. In addition, remember that you cannot drink alcohol after exercise.

Running is a highly used aerobic exercise, which not only promotes fat burning, but also improves metabolism and healthy body. But it is not that you can get the expected results after running, but also pay attention to the hydration condition during running. Only drinking the right water can make the running effect more obvious and Lose weight faster.

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