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The correct way to lose weight and light fast

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The aesthetic vision of modern people is becoming more and more critical, and female friends have higher and higher requirements for their body. Therefore, some friends who are obese want to get rid of the fat in the body as soon as possible, and the method to lose weight Although there are a lot of them, there are only a handful of them that can be really effective. So today, how about taking everyone to understand the correct way to lose weight and fasting?

Light fasting to lose weight has a certain effect on maintaining a good figure, improving three heights, and losing weight. Although the effect of this way of losing weight cannot be denied, if you want to do well, you must follow the correct method. First of all Light fasting to lose weight is not about skipping meals every day, but eating food for two days a week with extremely low calories, which means that you should normally only eat boiled vegetables for these two days. Eating vegetables can make the body absorb more vitamin C. It can also make the body absorb more water, so that the rate of metabolism will be significantly accelerated, the grease and garbage in the intestine will be cleared, and the digestive function of the intestine will be effectively rested and restored.

After two days of light fasting, although the diet can return to normal, it is necessary to ensure that you do not eat high-calorie foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat more grains and whole grains, and control every meal. 70% fullness, so as to reduce calorie intake as a whole, while controlling calorie intake, we must strengthen exercise. Exercise can consume subcutaneous fat, burn and metabolize subcutaneous fat, and promote blood circulation and make it dirty. The fat in the organ also gets a certain amount of metabolism. Light fasting Weight loss method, every 7 days is a cycle, after one cycle, the next cycle must be started, and the best effect can be seen by doing three consecutive cycles.

Now everyone knows what the correct way to lose weight and fasting is like? I hope that all friends who need to lose weight can adjust their diet in the correct way. Remember not to eat fatty meat, fried foods and sweets, because sugary, creamy, and chocolate-containing foods have calories. Not inferior to fat meat, after eating it will cause the body to gain weight and easily lead to high cholesterol.

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