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How to diet weight loss recipes

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Now a very popular method called the 7-day light fasting Weight loss method, because many friends who need to lose weight say that this method can achieve good results, but some friends also want to do the 7-day light fasting Weight loss method, but they don’t know it. How to arrange your own diet, especially not knowing what you can eat when doing light fasting, so today I will introduce you to the seven-day light fasting diet recipe.

In the process of the 7-day light fasting weight loss method, two days of the diet should be well controlled. Within these two days, it is best to eat only vegetable soup or low-sugar fruit salad. The practice of vegetable soup is very simple. Put several kinds of vegetables that you like together and cook them in water. Don’t put oil in them. You can add some other seasonings that you like so that the taste will not be unpleasant. After eating, you can absorb a lot of vitamins and reduce them. The intake of calories has certain benefits for clearing the grease and garbage in the intestines and promoting intestinal peristalsis.

In the 7-day light fasting diet recipe, fruit salad is also very good. Cut some low-sugar fruits, such as dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, yacon and ginseng fruit, etc., and cut these fruits into small pieces and put them on a dinner plate. Serve salad dressing or yogurt, this way of eating can also play a role in weight loss, and will not cause the body to take in too much calories. If yogurt is used, yogurt can also promote intestinal peristalsis and help adjust gastrointestinal function.

In the 7-day light fasting diet method, within two days of light fasting, the diet must be based on fruits and vegetables. Try not to eat staple foods, meat, and sweets. You can eat a little soda cracker. Too much can also cause excessive heat accumulation.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone will understand, what are the recipes for the seven-day light fasting diet? I hope that all friends who need to lose weight can adjust their diet in the right way. During the 7-day light fasting process, they should also do exercises appropriately, because exercise can help burn subcutaneous fat, which can make you lose weight. The effect is faster and effective, and exercise can also promote blood circulation, which is very helpful for removing fat from organs and blood.

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