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How to implement the 28-day weight loss method

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Speaking of Weight loss, everyone is more concerned, especially girls who are very concerned about their weight and body changes, even if they suddenly gain a pound of weight, they will have to skip meals for three days. This pound of fat will be reduced. Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, I want to be sure But losing weight is something that many people care about. It's really not that easy to lose weight. You need a reasonable plan to have a chance to lose weight successfully. Maybe everyone has heard of the 28-day weight loss method, which is very suitable for women to use. It is tailored to women's menstrual period.

The so-called 28-day weight loss method refers to women's use of the three stages of menstrual period, follicular phase, and luteal phase to complete the weight loss plan, or the use of hormone changes during the 28-day menstrual period to improve weight loss efficiency. The menstrual period is about 1-6 days. At this time, women's body metabolic rate is higher than before, so there is no need to do too many things that are usually helpful for weight loss, and there is a chance to help weight loss. As long as you pay attention not to eat too many high-calorie foods during the menstrual period, fat accumulation can be suppressed.

The follicular period is also a fast-decreasing period for women to lose weight. It is 7-14 days after the end of menstruation. This period is a period when women’s body secretion of estrogen is relatively strong. During this period, food is digested and absorbed well. Master this period. Time to implement a weight loss plan, the effect will be better. Of course, the specific method of weight loss is inseparable from diet control and exercise, both of which are indispensable.

In the luteal phase, the efficiency of weight loss is not so high. At this time, the secretion of lutein has begun to increase, estrogen begins to decline, and the metabolic capacity is slower than the follicular phase. Therefore, increase the amount of exercise in exercise and control calories in diet. Ingestion, avoid fat consumption advanced to stagnation period.

In short, the 28-day weight loss method is very suitable for women as a means of weight loss, using the women's menstrual cycle to complete weight loss. During this period, the most important thing to pay attention to is to control the diet, be as light as possible, drink more water, participate in exercise, and consolidate before The results of weight loss can also improve the efficiency of weight loss. Weight loss is a problem that every woman pays more attention to. How to lose weight is also what everyone is constantly looking for. In fact, no matter how to lose weight, it is ultimately inseparable from diet and exercise. The two conditions cooperate with each other to have a chance to lose weight successfully, and you cannot relax yourself at all times.

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