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A super fat burning exercise that can be practiced at any time

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When you want to exercise, you don’t have time, and when you can exercise, you don’t have a place. Various reasons have caused insufficient exercise and obesity. This time, I will introduce some exercise methods so that everyone can practice at any time. It doesn't take a long time or a special venue, you can lose weight as long as you want to move.

1. Step on the steps

The steps in the corridor can be practiced at the appropriate high and low positions in the home.

Straighten your back, tighten the muscles in the waist and abdomen, and then adjust your breathing for stepping exercises. Raise your head during the exercise, keep it straight, and swing your arms naturally with your body.

Stepping exercises can quickly increase the heart rate to the fat-burning range, thereby gaining a strong slimming effect. In addition, stepping exercises can stretch most of the body's muscle groups. This exercise can modify muscle shape while becoming thinner.

Get active every day when you are free, and you can get a good exercise effect in just a few minutes.

2. Open and close jump

Stand up straight, tighten the muscles in the waist and abdomen, adjust your breathing, open and close your arms and legs.

Jump for 30 seconds every time, rest for 10 seconds, and jump about five times in each cycle.

Make sure your back is straight and breathing evenly during the jump. The amount of exercise can be increased or decreased reasonably according to your own situation, and excessive exercise is not allowed.

Opening and closing jumping is a whole-body exercise, which has a strong effect on Weight loss and body shaping.

3. Rope skipping

When you are free, you can play two songs for rope skipping exercise, which can relax your emotions and lose weight and burn fat.

Rope skipping is a kind of exercise that consumes extremely high calories. Even if the exercise time is very short, it can gain a strong exercise effect. Especially suitable for people who want to lose weight and have no time to exercise.

If you don’t have skipping rope, you can also perform a simulated skipping rope exercise.

In addition to restricting diet to lose weight, you must also increase enough exercise so that you can become thin and stylish. Exercise can also promote the body's blood circulation and metabolism, which is of great help to increase the fat burning rate and promote the formation of lean body mass.

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