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Seven-minute weight loss exercises weight loss exercises make you have a perfect body

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Seven minutes to lose weight exercises to lose weight. As we all know, exercise is one of the most effective and healthiest ways to lose weight, but aerobic exercise needs to be carried out step by step to effectively reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the body, which is helpful for Weight loss. Weight loss exercises are more popular in life. Introduce a few simple weight-loss exercises for everyone. If you insist on exercising, you can have a perfect body.

Seven-minute weight loss exercise

1. Raise your leg and row: first put the mat in front of you, and put dumbbells on the mat. Next, slowly move your body closer to the mat so that your hands can hold the dumbbells. It should be noted that at this time, the legs should be kept in the original position and the body is in a semi-prone position. Then let your right hand grab the dumbbell and lift it up in a circular motion, while slowly raising your left leg to the height of your hips. Keep this movement for a few seconds before lowering your right hand and left foot. Repeat the exercises with exchange movements.

2. Chest and back extension: First exercise to bend your knees, kneel on the mat, and then place your hands behind your body and clenched tightly. At the same time, straighten your upper body and raise your head. The next step is to press down the hands holding each other to let the shoulders drop slightly, but everyone should pay attention to the back not to bend, and the head to keep still, then straighten the chest and maintain this position for 3~6 breaths. time. Then loosen your hands and place your hands in front of your abdomen to hold your hands and straighten it forward. At the same time, you should bend your back and let your back move backwards. Keep this position for 3~6 breathing. Time, and repeat the exercise 3 times.

3. Calf and thigh stretch: first stand on the spot, take a step forward with the left leg, and pay attention to let the body's center of gravity move forward, between the legs, and then put your hands on the knee of the left leg. What needs to be reminded is that at this time, the knee of the left leg is bent, and the toe of the right leg is also facing the front. The next step is to straighten your left leg, then bend your waist, move the upper body forward and down, and gradually get close to your left leg until your palm can be placed on the ground, and maintain this position for 6 to 8 seconds. Exercises for the exchange of legs.

The above introduced three seven-minute weight loss exercises for everyone. Keeping concise can achieve the purpose of fitness. We need to remind everyone that if you want to achieve the ideal weight loss effect, you must continue to exercise for a long time, and also during the exercise. Be careful not to overeating.

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