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Apple milk thin belly method

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Searching can find a lot of ways to help lose weight, categorized into diet Weight loss, exercise Weight loss, medication weight loss, and other weight loss methods. Among them, there are many dietary weight loss methods, such as egg weight loss method, bigu weight loss method, etc. As long as it is related to food, it can be called diet weight loss method. For example, the apple milk thin belly method is more popular. Use apples and milk to tighten Big belly is recognized by many people as a more effective means of tightening the abdomen.

Apple milk thin abdomen method is similar to bigu weight loss. It is scheduled two days a week. For these two days, only apples and milk are used to satisfy the hunger. The other five days of normal eating, and then two more days. You can choose two intermittent days for these two days. For two consecutive days, how to do it consider the individual's physical ability to bear. If you have a strong endurance ability, then consider choosing apples and milk for two consecutive days to satisfy your hunger. If you have a weak endurance and it is painful to be hungry all day, then don’t force yourself to be hungry for two days. You can choose two days intermittently. Eat normally on Mondays, three, five, six, seven, and fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays, eating only apples and milk.

Although you can eat normally on Mondays, three, five, six, seven or five days, you can't want to eat what you want. This is definitely not right. Three meals a day should be controlled to control the total calories of the ingredients and control the total food intake. . The three-meal diet is mainly light. Eat well for breakfast, eat well for lunch, and eat less for dinner. Observe these three conditions, especially breakfast. Don’t ignore the importance of breakfast because of the tight working hours. If you don’t eat breakfast, Will affect the metabolism, but not conducive to weight loss.

During the two days of implementing the Apple Milk Slimming Method, drink milk for breakfast, apple+milk for lunch, and only apples for dinner. In this way, let’s not talk about whether the fat has a chance to be consumed, at least the garbage in the intestines has a chance to be emptied. From this perspective, the apple milk thin abdomen method can indeed clean the intestines, so that the abdomen does not look so big. Excessive abdomen is not only due to the thick subcutaneous fat, but also has a lot to do with too much garbage in the intestines, especially those with constipation problems should pay more attention to intestinal cleansing work, not only may increase the risk of obesity, but also harmful to health. Healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss

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