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Reduce the movement of the hips and thighs

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People who sit for a long time are most likely to accumulate fat on their buttocks, legs, and abdomen, which will affect their personal image and the effect of dressing. In addition, if there is too much fat on the buttocks and legs, it is actually extremely harmful to health. A slim body can not only have a good body, but it can also make the body healthier. If you do have problems with excessive fat on the buttocks and legs, don’t be afraid to participate in more exercises that can help reduce the buttocks and thigh roots. Practice daily. There is a chance to eliminate excess fat and improve physical fitness.

What are the exercises that can reduce the hips and the roots of the thighs?

1. Squat with one leg, this is slightly similar to squat. Standing with your feet together, your arms should be straight forward, parallel to your shoulders as much as possible, and then lift your right or left foot, alternately back and forth on both sides, sitting backwards, pretending to have an invisible chair, probably Control within three breaths, and then return to the initial position. The two legs can alternate back and forth for about 10 times, 10 times as a group, and it is best to continue to do 3 groups.

2. Press the leg up and down, stand at a higher position, hold dumbbells that are easy to bear with both hands, naturally perpendicular to both sides of the body, take a squatting posture with the right leg one step back, and the knee can be close to the ground. The buttocks should lead the body to lean forward slowly, and the right foot should return to the high ground position. Practice back and forth alternately from left to right. Similarly, each leg should be done as a group of 10 times, and do more than 3 groups.

3. Vertical dumbbell squat,

Lift the dumbbell with both hands and place it vertically in front of the chest. Cover the upper end of the dumbbell with both hands. Tighten the abdomen, lower the body, and sit back slowly with the buttocks until the knee may be close to the ground. Keep the back straight. Breathe and then return to the initial position, do the same 3 sets of 10 reps.

The above content recommends 3 exercises that can reduce the buttocks and the roots of the thighs. In fact, as long as you participate in whole-body sports, you have the opportunity to thin your thighs and have the opportunity to tighten your thighs, such as running, swimming, climbing, etc. You must perform these exercises The muscles of the hips and legs need to be coordinated, so choose a few exercises that you can stick to, and exercise every day, which must be useful for managing your body. It is true that a good figure is not born, and it requires effort to maintain it. The direction of effort is to maintain good living habits, exercise more, control the total calories of the diet, and avoid fat accumulation. Healthy weight loss

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