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7-day weight loss plan, easily lose one kilogram of pure fat

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If you eat too much dinner, you will gain 2 kg!

After taking a sauna, I lost 1 kg!

……and so on.

Most of the short-term weight fluctuations of the 7-day Weight loss plan have nothing to do with the increase and decrease of fat. When a large amount of food is ingested, the lack of timely excretion in the stomach and intestines will cause weight gain, but it is not fat that is gaining. When sweating a lot, it will become dehydrated and lose weight, and it is not fat that is also lost.

Real Weight loss is not to lose weight, but to reduce excess fat in the body.

This time, we will introduce some weight-loss methods. If you implement them carefully, you can reduce one kilogram of fat within a week. It is said that to consume 1 kilogram of fat requires a reduction of 7,000 calories. If you want to lose 1 kg in a week, theoretically speaking, you need to reduce 1,000 calories a day.

The specific rules of the weekly weight loss method:

1. Detox

7-day weight loss plan Many people who lose weight tend to experience constipation. Therefore, it is recommended to eat only mushrooms, seaweed, oats, vegetables, no meat, and legumes instead. You can only choose olive oil for fats. Except for the foods introduced above, you cannot eat any other foods.

These foods contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can effectively relieve constipation and promote detoxification. The effect of cleaning up toxins and oils in the intestines is remarkable.

In addition, pay attention to eating up to 80% full during the weight loss period and not overeating.

2. Warm the body and promote metabolism

During weight loss, make sure that your body is in a warm environment. Usually you can only eat warm food, drink warm water, take a warm bath, and eat some seasonings that can warm your body, such as ginger powder and capsaicin.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure sufficient daily activities. First of all, you have to walk for more than 30 minutes a day. Such a habit can not only improve the body's metabolism, but also contribute to the burning of calories.

3. Good eating habits

Eat three meals a day, dinner ends four hours before going to bed, and do not eat any food after dinner until before going to bed.

Drink a full two liters of warm water every day, but drink it in divided doses, and do not drink water after 8 o'clock in the evening.

Eat slowly, and the time for each meal is about fifteen minutes.

4. Adjust life time

Avoid staying up late when losing weight. Go to bed and rest before ten thirty every night. Staying up late is a habit that leads to weight gain. In addition, staying up late will reduce the rate of metabolism and contribute to the formation of an obese physique.

Weight loss refers to losing excess fat, living a week in the above way, you can lose at least one kilogram of fat. A 7-day weight loss plan.

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