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What are the asanas suitable for menstrual yoga to lose weight

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No girl can accept that she is obese, she always wants to be slim and stylish, but she is usually too lazy and reluctant to move, or because she is too busy at work, she finally has some time to rest, just want to sleep for a while, so basically nothing The behavior of exercise appears in one's own life, and all the work pressure and unhappiness are all used to relax by eating and drinking. In fact, Weight loss does not necessarily have to participate in outdoor activities. To participate in many sports events, as long as you get yourself moving, even some simple stretching and stretching exercises are useful for managing your body. For example, yoga is very suitable for women to practice and achieve management. The purpose of the figure. Is it okay to lose weight during menstrual yoga? Will there be any side effects?

During the menstrual period, it is not allowed to participate in excessively intense exercises, and some postures in yoga will not affect menstrual health. It is completely possible to lose weight through menstrual yoga. It may be because yoga postures are relatively relaxed and not too intense, which will ease the menstrual period. Discomfort, persist in practicing for a certain period of time and still have a chance to lose weight.

Recommended menstrual yoga slim body poses:

1. Supine pose: This pose can relax muscles and nerves, has a significant effect on alleviating menstrual discomfort, can reduce fatigue, and can also enhance the effect of menstrual slimming. Specific method: The overall posture is similar to the curled shape of the fetus in the womb of the fetus. The body is in a kneeling position, with feet closed, feet facing the sky, buttocks sitting between the two heels, and the forehead is gently touched after the upper body is stretched forward. Relax completely naturally, with your arms at your sides, palms up, fingers facing back, and your elbows and the back of your hands flat on the ground. Maintain this position for about 15-60 seconds to stretch and stretch your back.

2. The biggest benefit of Top-Ten Pose is that it can expand the chest and tighten the abdomen, which has a good effect on relieving shoulder pain or frozen shoulder. When inhaling, naturally raise your arms forward, and when you exhale, separate your arms to both sides to level the party congress, palms facing inward, shoulders slowly tightened, and your back is in a clamped state, palms facing backwards with your heart. Stretch the neck and look above the eyes.

3. Sitting and standing poses actually include many postures, including auspicious sitting, vajra sitting, cow face pose, and sitting angle pose. These postures alleviate tension. Even if sitting and standing poses are practiced during menstruation, the menstrual period will not be affected. Healthy, regular practice can exercise the groin, legs, toes, ankle joints, long-term practice can help eliminate edema, everyone can lose weight.  Lose weight fast

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