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Squatting for a few minutes a day can really lose weight? of course can!

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By squatting, the muscles around the hip joint can be fully moved. Effectively move the hip joints, not only can exercise the "introverter" of the inner thigh, but also can exercise the "gluteus maximus" to lift the buttocks. If you find it difficult to squat, you can start by exercising your body, or do a squat that strengthens the "introversion muscle". Starting from moving the hip joints to exercise the whole body, this is a very effective way to lose weight.


Basic methods and points of squat exercise

Starting position: Stand with your legs apart, slightly wider than shoulder width, and stand naturally. The direction of the toes is basically an inverted figure eight, and the direction of the second toe of the foot shall prevail. When squatting, the direction of the knee should be on the extension line of the second toe, which is more natural and not strenuous.

Squatting posture: The correct posture should be from the beginning of the action to the end of the action. The torso from the head to the waist should always be kept straight and stretched, and the buttocks should be pushed back.

End posture: Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Pausing segments when fully squatted is the best way to build muscles.

Posture when standing up: The point when standing up is to feel the entire sole of your foot pushing down on the ground.

Squat speed: The approximate speed (time) of a squat is once every 5 seconds. When you get to the squat position, it is better to slow down intentionally.

Breathing method when squatting: while squatting down, inhale while standing up and exhale.

The number of exercises: 30 times a day is appropriate. People who are weak start to do less, and those who are physically able to do more.

The role and benefits of squat exercise


1. Strengthen joints and bones

Squatting can enhance the range of motion of the waist, hip, knee and ankle joints, enhance the flexibility of the knee joint, and delay the aging of the joint.

If the joints move less, the bones will become weak, and calcium will be lost to the blood. And it will accumulate in the kidneys and bladder, causing undesirable consequences such as difficulty in urination and bacterial growth. Therefore, regular use and movement of joints are the key to keeping young.

2. It can increase muscle strength

Frequent squatting exercises can increase muscle strength, especially the muscle strength of the lower limbs; the strength of the two legs is increased, which can effectively prevent falls, and you will feel relaxed when you walk.

Human muscles will be more developed if used moderately, but will degenerate if discarded or overused.

3. It can improve blood vessel function

It can expand the arterioles and arterioles, reduce the peripheral resistance of the heart, improve the elasticity of the arterioles and arterioles, and effectively lower blood pressure.


4. Can lower blood lipids

Squatting exercises, by stimulating the meridian system, can enhance the function of the spleen meridians, promote the decomposition of atherosclerotic plaques on the blood vessel wall, reduce the viscosity of blood, promote lipid metabolism, thereby improve the elasticity of blood vessels, and effectively prevent atherosclerosis Hardening is of great significance for preventing heart and cerebrovascular accidents.

5. Can promote metabolism

The squat exercise mainly relies on the flexion and extension of the two legs to support the weight of the body above the trunk.

When squatting, the weight of the body squeezes the blood vessels in the leg muscles and accelerates the venous blood flow of the lower limbs to the heart; when the body rises, the squeezing of the lower limb muscles by the body weight is relieved, and the arterial blood pumped from the heart is fast Into the lower extremities.

Squatting, getting up, and squatting repeatedly in this way is like a "pump" to speed up blood circulation and metabolism.

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