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Men's weight loss recipes lose 10 pounds a week

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on Monday

   Don’t just lose weight with determination and enthusiasm. It’s best to calm down and finish a week’s Weight loss program, telling yourself that you must strictly follow the rules and never foul! Start losing weight calmly, this is a good starting point!

   Breakfast: 1 white boiled egg, 1 cup of sugar-free soy milk

  Lunch: Winter melon soup as main dish, 1 small bowl (1 tael) with rice, 1 cold cucumber dish

   Dinner: Apple.

  'S main diet dishes: winter melon, winter melon is sweet and mild in nature, and has the effect of hydration and swelling. If it can be eaten with the skin, the effect will be better. Eating wax gourd often can remove the remaining fat and water from the body and achieve a Weight loss effect.

  on Tuesday

   The days when I can’t do whatever I want to eat and drink, I always feel a bit difficult. At this time, I have to ask myself questions: Why do I want to lose weight? What is my goal? Remember to encourage yourself, and you must stick to it!

   Breakfast: 1 tea egg, 1 bowl of rice porridge; Lunch: fried leeks as the main dish (you can put a little egg or lean meat), with 1 small bowl of rice (1 tael);

   Dinner: Banana.

Main diet vegetable: Leek. In addition to rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein and vitamins, leeks also contain a lot of fiber, which can enhance gastrointestinal activity and accelerate the excretion of excessive nutrients and surplus from the intestinal tract. fat.

  on Wednesday

   In addition to eating as little as possible, you should also drink more! Drinking more water can speed up metabolism, it is best to drink more tea, especially green tea, which can remove greasy and has a good auxiliary effect on weight loss. Come on, don't be discouraged!

   Breakfast: 1 bowl of oatmeal porridge

  Lunch: Kelp as the main dish (fried or mixed), served with half a steamed bun

   Dinner: Cucumber

  'S main diet dishes: kelp, kelp clears heat and diures water, has the effect of removing fat and reducing blood pressure. It contains a variety of minerals and vitamins can reduce the body's intake of fat deposition in the heart, blood vessels, and intestinal walls, which can be described as a good product for cellulite and weight loss.


   I lost weight until now, have you ever thought of abandoning it? Enjoy a few good movies with handsome men and beauties as soon as possible. The perfect figure and attractive appearance of the beautiful girls on the screen will bring you immeasurable motivation. Keep working hard towards high standards, a good figure must be yours!

   Breakfast: 1 tea egg

  Lunch: white radish as main dish, 1 bowl of rice porridge

   Dinner: Pineapple

   main diet dishes: white radish, white radish is sweet and cool in taste, has the effects of reducing greasiness, fat removal, phlegm, and cough relief. It also contains choline substances, which can lower blood lipids and blood pressure, which is very conducive to weight loss.


   If you want to lose weight successfully, you must strictly control your diet while exercising. Exercising a lot makes people appetite and hunger pangs faster. At this moment, if you spread your belly and eat Hesai, the previous hardship will be in vain. Concentrating on losing weight, my skin doesn’t seem to be as good as before!

  Remember: Pay special attention to beauty during weight loss!

   Breakfast: 1 bowl of rice porridge

  Lunch: Mung bean sprouts as the main dish (fried or mixed), 1 small bowl of rice (1 tael)

   Dinner: Cucumber.

   main diet dishes: mung bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts are rich in plant protein and a variety of vitamins. It is very suitable for making home-cooked dishes, or cold dressing or cooking, all of which are extremely delicious. Frequent consumption of mung bean sprouts can help reduce greasiness, diuresis and lipid reduction.

  on Saturday

   Weight loss people often feel hungry and can eat a small amount of low-sugar fruit. Tomorrow is Sunday. It is recommended to arrange some entertainment activities to stabilize the hard-won weight loss effect. Tonight, I should also write a diary to carefully summarize the weight loss experience of the week.

   Finally, don’t forget to ask yourself: What should you do with your weight loss plan next week?

   Breakfast: 1 white boiled egg

  Lunch: Fungus as main dish (fried or mixed), 1 bowl of oatmeal porridge

   Dinner: Cucumber

  'S main diet dish: fungus, which is sweet and cold in taste, is a well-known vegetarian food with high protein, low fat, multi-fiber and multi-minerals. Fungus also contains a polysaccharide substance, which can lower blood lipids and cholesterol, and effectively inhibit the formation of obesity.


  Don't make yourself physically and mentally exhausted just to lose weight. I believe that as long as you stick to it, you will definitely be able to lose weight. There is no shortcut to weight loss. If you want to lose weight successfully, you still rely on a strong will, but this will does not force yourself too much. When you face it with a relaxed mood, you can easily continue it.

   Breakfast: 1 bowl of oatmeal porridge

  Lunch: Cucumber as main dish (fried or mixed), 1 bowl of rice porridge

   Dinner: Apple

  The main diet dish: cucumber, the weight loss effect of cucumber cannot be underestimated. It contains rich cellulose, which can promote the secretion of cholesterol and the elimination of intestinal residues. In addition, it also contains propylene glycol, which can inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, so eating more has the effect of lightening the body.

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