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6-day apple yogurt diet

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Apple yogurt Weight loss method is a Weight loss method that is more suitable for people who need to lose weight quickly. Although the apple yogurt weight loss method has many disadvantages, many people have tried the apple yogurt weight loss method, and some people have used the apple yogurt weight loss method to lose weight 15 jin. Apple yogurt weight loss method, a fast weight loss method, needs to be used with caution.

The first stage of apple yogurt diet

day1-day2: Apple yogurt day

Day 1: Eat an apple at 8 o'clock in the morning, an apple at 10 o'clock in the morning, and an apple at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. In short, prepare 5 apples in total and eat them when you are hungry.

The apple yogurt weight loss method may not be able to adapt to the first day. If you can persist, you can persist, but the girl who does not persist is still not forced. After all, the weight loss method that makes the body feel comfortable is better to maintain the effect for a long time.

Apple yogurt diet the second day: drink yogurt.

The next day is when the apple yogurt weight loss method is the most difficult. Because apples and yogurt do not provide enough nutrients, it may make you feel dizzy. If you must use the apple yogurt weight loss method to get a quick weight loss effect , Then it’s better on weekends.

Apple yogurt diet second stage

day3-day4: normal diet

Method: eat rice porridge and eggs with green vegetables for breakfast; lunch has vegetables with balanced nutrition of meat, eat to be nine minutes full; dinner a cucumber, a corn, plus vegetables and meat. The next day and so on!

Your body should not go on a diet after two days of dieting, and quickly add nutrients to get your body back on track. The second stage of the apple yogurt weight loss method should not overeating, otherwise it will be very irritating to the intestines and stomach. 

Apple yogurt diet third stage

day6-day6: Apple Yogurt Day

Although it is an exaggeration to say that the weight loss of apple yogurt is 15 kilograms, I believe that you have already obtained a certain degree of rapid weight loss effect with the apple yogurt weight loss method. If there is no discomfort and other adverse reactions, you can try apple yogurt for two days day. After this, you can start a natural and balanced diet.

Note: If you find that your hair is falling a lot and your face is dull, then stop using the apple yogurt diet.

How to maintain after apple yogurt diet?

Usually three meals are balanced and eighty to ninety full

After using the apple yogurt method to lose weight to a certain extent, you can stop dieting and go on a normal diet. Need to pay attention to the diet should be light, eat less greasy and processed packaged foods. If you eat three meals a day, you will be eight or nine minutes full. If you don’t eat enough, if you eat less and more meals every day, the total calories will remain the same, and the amount of food per meal can be reduced.

It is best to keep exercising every day

Insist on exercise is more conducive to maintaining body weight, in addition to running, swimming, weight loss exercises and other aerobic exercises, you can try some gymnastics anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise is a guarantee to increase metabolism, for the maintenance after the apple yogurt diet method It also plays a better role.

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