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Eating snacks is so terrible. If you want to lose weight, just quit it.

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The body's blood sugar level affects the secretion of insulin, and the amount of insulin secretion directly affects the changes in the body's shape. When the body secretes too much insulin, the body enters a state of accumulating fat. Only when insulin secretion is balanced can the body begin to burn fat and achieve a state of fitness and Weight loss.

   After eating ramen, curry rice or bread in the daily diet, blood sugar levels rise sharply. In order to balance blood sugar levels, the body secretes large amounts of insulin, which converts excess sugar into fat. When a large amount of insulin is secreted, blood sugar levels will drop rapidly.

   Because the blood sugar level drops too fast and too low, the human body will become sleepy, anxious, and hungry again. This time period often occurs between meals. If you eat some snacks, biscuits, milk tea, etc. During this period of time, it will cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, which will not only make insulin secrete a large amount and accumulate fat, but also interrupt the fat burning mode between meals, so that your body can switch to sugar burning mode. fat burning. Therefore, eating snacks between meals is an important factor in inducing obesity.

   Snacks between meals will cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate constantly, promote insulin secretion, not only lead to fat accumulation, but also hinder the secretion of leptin. When the secretion of leptin in the body is blocked, there will be strong appetite, overeating, and slow metabolism. Not only will it lead to obesity, but it will also make it difficult for the body to lose weight.

   If you feel fasting between meals, it is recommended to do so to avoid obesity.

   1. Three-meal diet to control carbohydrate intake

   The three meals are low in carbohydrates, and the changes in blood sugar levels and insulin secretion will not change excessively, which can reduce the desire to snack between meals. Fundamentally avoid snacking between meals.

   2. Choose nuts as a snack between meals

   If you are hungry between meals, you can eat nuts that are rich in protein and high-quality oils, which will not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and can also supplement the body with nutrients, thereby promoting metabolism and fat burning. Can satisfy hunger and accelerate fat burning.

   Don’t eat snacks between meals, it will not only induce obesity, but also turn off the body’s fat burning mode.

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