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Can I really lose weight by only eating weight loss recipes?

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During the Spring Festival, a variety of delicious food coupled with coveted entertainment has made many people walk upwards after the long holiday with weight and body weight. After the new year, Many netizens are clamoring to lose weight, and there are many diet meal recipes circulating on the Internet. Then, in the face of a variety of diet meals, how to choose? Which Weight loss method is more effective?

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   A wide variety of diet meal recipes

After the Spring Festival this year, there was a saying in the circle of friends: "Whenever you get three kilograms of fat during the festive season, take a closer look at three kilograms." In some community gyms, just after the Spring Festival, many people who lose weight came. Everyone seems to want to lose the weight of eating fat these days during the holidays.

   And on the Internet and in the circle of friends, there are also many tips for Weight loss, both exercise methods to lose weight and special recipes to achieve weight loss.

   Among them, the way to achieve the goal of weight loss by eating a weight loss meal is that it does not require a lot of exercise and is sought after by many netizens. The reporter also carefully sorted out various weight loss meal recipes on the Internet.

  ■Method 1: Cucumber + Egg

Within one month, insist on eating cucumbers and eggs as staple food every day. The principle of the cucumber and egg weight loss method is to use the glycolic acid contained in fresh cucumbers to inhibit the conversion of sugars into fat, while eating eggs that are not fat. Replenish the protein needed by the human body. Those who lose weight need to strictly implement the weight loss plan according to the recipe, and the time is one month. The reporter noticed that in this one-month weight loss menu, eggs, cucumbers, grapes, vegetable salads, coffee, etc. have become the main foods, but no staple food can be found in the recipe.

  ■Method 2: Eat only fruits without staple food

   As the name suggests, it is a way to lose weight by eating only fruits and not eating staple foods throughout the day. Fruit is the staple food for three meals a day, supplemented by vitamin tablets. The fruit tastes good, so this kind of weight loss recipe has become the first choice for many women who love beauty.

  ■Method 3: Slimming soup

   Cut onions, green peppers, celery, tomatoes, cabbage and other vegetables into small pieces, add water, simmer for 3 hours over a slow heat, and season with salt. Drinking more than ten times a day, more than 1 bowl each time, can achieve the effect of losing 4 to 5 kilograms for seven consecutive days. When drinking, it needs to be warmed with water, can not be simmered with fire, or can be drunk directly without heating. Generally, it only needs to be simmered once a day.


   It’s easy to rebound after taking a diet meal

However, some netizens who have tried these diet meals circulated on the Internet have also raised their own doubts: "In a short period of time, the weight will indeed be reduced, but once the normal diet is restored, or the calorie intake is not controlled, The weight rebounded immediately."

   In addition, the reporter also noticed that the principles of weight loss meals are also varied. Some recommend controlling the intake of staple foods, and some recommend avoiding foods with high fat content.


   Eat less food with empty calories

   Then, who should I listen to? This reporter connected with Zhang Dahong, a professor at Oregon State University in the United States. Professor Zhang told reporters that in fact, because any theory needs to be justified, it will cite favorable cases for his own theory to prove it, which is somewhat biased. "Don't make weight loss a particularly complicated thing." Professor Zhang believes that the essence of weight loss is that the calories consumed through food are less than the calories consumed by the human body. Therefore, in the process of weight loss, just pay attention to avoid intake of empty calorie food, and other foods can be eaten appropriately. "Empty calories refer to foods that only provide calories but no nutrients, such as cooking oil for cooking, and white sugar."

   In the interview, Professor Zhang told reporters that weight loss is not complicated. He also introduced a simple and easy way to lose weight.

   The first step is to calculate your own basal metabolic rate through related software.

   Male basal metabolic rate (kcal/day) = 66 + (13.7 × weight) + (5 × weight)-(6.8 × age)

   Female basal metabolic rate (kcal/day) = 655 + (9.6 × weight) + (1.8 × weight)-(4.7 × age)

   The second step is to arrange the daily food intake according to one's own basic metabolism, which can be combined through the calorie table of various foods.

   The third step is to do aerobic exercises such as slow walking and swimming.

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