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What is the principle of liposuction to lose weight? Is Liposuction Surgery Harmful?

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Liposuction surgery is a type of plastic and cosmetic surgery body sculpture surgery. The principle is to suck out the excess fat in a certain part of the body through the method of negative pressure suction, in order to achieve the purpose of local rapid Weight loss.
The common parts of whole body liposuction are: face, double chin, neck, shoulders, limbs, hands and feet, upper and lower abdomen, side waist, upper buttocks, buttocks reduction and hip lift.
   What are the benefits of liposuction to lose weight?
   1. Liposuction to lose weight will not cause damage to the skin, and has no side effects on the body.
  2. After liposuction to lose weight, the body shape improvement effect is obvious, there will be no unevenness, and it can create a perfect body shape.
  3. There will be no rebound after liposuction to lose weight. Some other Weight loss methods will show some rebound phenomenon, and liposuction to lose weight just makes up for this shortcoming.
  4. Liposuction to lose weight has little physical trauma and quick recovery, and has no effect on our daily life and work.
   Before undergoing liposuction surgery, people who lose weight must understand that not all parts of the human body can use liposuction to lose weight, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble.
Which parts can not be liposuction to lose weight? The whole body can be liposuction to lose weight. The benefits of liposuction to lose weight
   Women’s eagerness to love beauty is understandable, but it is not advisable to trade one's own health for beauty. Recently, some weight-lossers often irrationally ask doctors to suck liposuction on restricted areas of the body. For this reason, liposuction weight loss experts once again emphasize that there are many parts of the human body that cannot be liposuctioned. It is best for weight-lossers not to make unrealistic requirements.
   It is best not to suck liposuction in these parts to lose weight
1. Places where liposuction is relatively unavailable-the longitudinal anterior sheath of the rectus abdominis, the sacral triangle, the anterior thigh, the medial upper arm, the medial knee, the volar and dorsal forearm, the anterior neck, and the calf The posterior area, etc., these parts have more important blood vessels and nerves passing through, so you need to pay special attention to avoid damage during the operation.
2. Places where liposuction is absolutely not allowed-groin area (femoral artery, femoral vein and femoral nerve and other important structures), popliteal fossa area (popliteal artery, popliteal vein, branch, tibial nerve, etc.), patella area (The skin is too thin to be sucked), buttocks fold area (the deep sciatic nerve passes through).
The above parts are the parts of the human body that are not suitable for liposuction. Therefore, people who lose weight must understand before performing liposuction. Not all parts of the human body can be used for liposuction, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble. .

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