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Use plastic wrap to lose weight to lose 12 pounds

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I am a lady with a height of 1.68 meters, and my body mass index is also quite high at the same time, with a weight of more than 150 kilograms! In order to lose weight quickly, I tried the method of Weight loss with plastic wrap, which made me lose weight in a week. I was very happy for 12 pounds of meat! But the side effects of the plastic film weight loss method can not be ignored. My skin is itchy, so I want to learn more about the principle of the plastic film weight loss method!

I use plastic wrap to lose weight and lose 12 kilograms of meat a week
 The air permeability of the cling film is low, and the body wraps the cling film to increase the burning calories of the body, effectively wicking a lot of sweat and accelerating fat burning. The cling film weight loss method is very popular among young girls in Japan.

How to use plastic wrap to lose weight
How to use plastic wrap to lose weight
   1. Choose suitable sports, generally jogging or dancing with the use of plastic wrap;

  2. Wrap the plastic wrap around the area where you want to lose weight, mostly the upper thighs and lower abdomen, and apply a little water on the body before wrapping, so that the plastic wrap is close to the body and not easy to slip off;

  3. Drink 400ml of clean water, which is good for perspiration and fat burning during exercise;

   4. Start exercising, and pay attention to heartbeat and perspiration.

   Note: Don't wrap it for too long, wash away sweat stains in time after using this plastic wrap to lose weight.

   Editor's reminder: Don't use the cling film for too long to lose weight at a time, usually within 2 hours, because the cling film exercise regrets a lot of sweating, it is necessary to wash away the sweat stains and the skin infection in time. Even skin infections can cause diseases.

   So if you want to lose weight healthily, I still recommend that you don't try the plastic wrap diet!

   The first step to lose weight is to recognize whether you are obese. Obese people certainly need to lose weight. In your case, body mass index = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) squared, your body mass index is 30.47, is obese, you need to lose 17 kilograms to reach the standard.

   In fact, the simplest reason for obesity is that the intake exceeds the consumption, so to lose weight is to create a negative balance of calories. The easiest, safest, and most difficult way to achieve this effect is to change the lifestyle. In short, you should reduce your food intake or eat low-calorie-density foods, while increasing your physical activity.

The    plastic wrap weight loss method made me lose 12 pounds a week, which is very gratifying, but my personal weight loss experience still advocates that you should not lose weight like this, and you must choose a Healthy weight loss method that suits you according to your physical fitness!

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