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Tell you the best time to eat weight loss breakfast

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Breakfast is one of the most stressful sources of power during the day, so we must pay attention to balanced nutrition. Today we will take a look at what to eat for breakfast to lose weight.

   1, corn soup

   2 scoops of corn flour, 1 scoop of milk, 1 scoop of oatmeal. Drink these ingredients with boiling water. If you feel not full, you can cook a piece of fresh corn the night before, heat it in the microwave the next morning, and serve with corn soup. Corn contains a lot of dietary fiber and is a good health product in coarse grains, which is beneficial to human digestion. Corn is the staple food for Weight loss. It is rich in nutrients and contains glycogen that is difficult for the human body to absorb. It is very beneficial for weight loss.

   2, sweet potato porridge

   Sweet potatoes and rice are suitable. Take an appropriate amount of rice, wash it, boil it with the water in the pot, and then boil it on a low fire for about 20 minutes. Take 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes, wash, peel and cut into small pieces, put them in the porridge, and continue to simmer for 20-30 minutes.

  3, fruit and vegetable meal

  Vegetable juice, omelette sandwich. Fried eggs in a nonstick pan (no need to put cooking oil), then take two slices of whole wheat bread, add ham, lettuce, and nonfat salad dressing according to personal taste, and mix the juice with seasonal fruits.

   Tips: Fresh orange carrot juice, melon and apple juice, pure kiwi juice, and pure cucumber juice are all good choices, which help to remove toxins from the body and enhance metabolism.

  4, milk meal

  Milk, soda biscuits, this kind of breakfast is mainly made of milk, more western style. Westerners never forget to drink a glass of milk for breakfast. Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Including all the amino acids needed for human growth and development, its digestibility can be as high as 98%, which is unmatched by other foods.

   The milk bought in the supermarket can be cooled directly, which is convenient for heating. Fresh milk needs to be boiled for five minutes to ensure that the bacteria are killed. The correct order for breakfast is to eat soda biscuits first, then milk, and do not drink milk on an empty stomach. It is best to choose skimmed milk, which has lower calories.

  5, the best time to eat a Weight loss breakfast

   The best time for breakfast is 7-8: 00. Medical experts pointed out that most of the organs are fully rested when people sleep, while the digestive organs are still digesting and absorbing the food left in the gastrointestinal tract during dinner, and gradually enter a state of rest in the morning. Once breakfast is eaten too early, it will inevitably interfere with the rest of the gastrointestinal tract, make the digestive system in a long-term fatigue state, and disturb the peristaltic rhythm of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is most appropriate to have breakfast around 7 o'clock, because people have the strongest appetite at this time. So don't eat breakfast just because you get up early. After getting up, you can stretch your muscles before eating

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