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5 simple ways to lose weight on the abdomen to reduce your waist!

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Abdominal Weight loss is a trouble for many women and even men. Sitting in the office all day, eating and sitting, over time, the "big belly" will come out unknowingly! If your abdomen has been thin, one day
You suddenly find that there is meat on your belly, it means you are gaining weight. At this time, you must control your diet and find a way to reduce the meat on your belly! So what are the ways to lose weight in the abdomen to make the abdomen flat?

Abdominal Weight loss method
Method 1. Massage to lose weight
Massage has always been the most common exercise for women to lose weight in the abdomen. Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, promote blood circulation, and let excess
Water is excreted from the body. The use of kneading and massage cream is very good for improving fat.
Method 2, coarse salt weight loss method
Coarse salt has the effect of sweating. It can expel waste and excess water from the body, promote skin metabolism, soften dirt, replenish salt and minerals, and make skin delicate and tight every time you take a bath.
Before, take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water to mix it into a paste. You can also use tea and apply it to the abdomen. After 10 minutes, rinse off the coarse salt with hot water, or wash it off after massaging, and then you can start taking a bath
Up. If your abdomen skin is more sensitive, you must remember to switch to a thinner "bath salt."
Method 3: Stand against the wall after a meal
Half an hour after dinner, let the whole body back close to the wall, clamp the buttocks, so that the hips, legs, waist, head, neck, etc. are as close to the wall as possible. At the beginning, you can clamp the paper so that the paper will not fall off. Down for
quasi. After a few minutes, you will be very tired and your muscles will become sour, but you must persist, you will be liberated in 15 minutes! This method can not only thin the waist and belly, but also thin the neck and face! Do at least one every day
You can see the effect in a week!
Method 4, walk with abdomen retracted
Normally, when walking or standing, you should pull your abdomen forcefully, and then cooperate with abdominal breathing to make the flesh of the lower abdomen firm. This method is invisible. People who have practiced yoga or vocalization should be familiar with "abdominal breathing"
: When you breathe in, your belly swells; when you breathe out, your belly tightens. This will help stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promote the discharge of waste from the body, and increase lung capacity. People who are accustomed to ordinary breathing may not learn it at first
I'm used to it, but as long as I remind myself "to lose weight by shrinking abdomen" at any time, not only will the lower abdomen become flatter and flatter, but the walking posture will also be more charming!
Method 5, standing and twisting the waist
This can be practiced at noon or at night. If you’re watching TV, you might as well get up and stand while watching the advertisement, and then twist your waist to the left and right (similar to belly dancing, you need to use your waist to exert force.
Not the strength of the legs or the back) 100 beats, stick to it every day, guaranteed to help you get rid of your small belly!
Also recommend some Weight loss tips
1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
It is recommended that you eat more fruits and vegetables. These things are not only easy to produce a feeling of fullness, but also can help you reduce your desire to eat other high-calorie or high-fat desserts. Also, eat more and be rich in fiber
The food can effectively treat constipation, and the bowel movement is smooth, which is beneficial to the abdomen to lose weight.
2. Do more housework
For example, clothes are no longer thrown into the washing machine, get into the habit of washing clothes by hand after taking a shower, and no longer lie comfortably on the sofa while watching TV, especially after eating, washing dishes, mopping the floor, and cleaning the kitchen.
Wiping tables and other furniture is better than lying down or sitting immediately after a meal. It can effectively burn calories and prevent the accumulation of abdominal fat. It also makes yourself a diligent woman.
3. Do yoga
Yoga not only makes your posture more perfect, it is also very helpful for partial weight loss. Do 30 minutes of yoga every day, usually with abdominal breathing yoga is very helpful to shape the body,
When you have a good body shape, you will also have a flat lower abdomen.

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