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Teach you the right way to drink water to lose weight

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The specific method of drinking water to lose weight"
Drinking water to lose weight is not just drinking water and not eating to lose weight, but refers to the goal of Weight loss through reasonable drinking, cleaning up the body, speeding up the metabolism, so just choose the right time and method of drinking water
The formula can achieve the effect of Weight loss.

 1. Drink water early in the morning to reduce belly fat
Drinking a glass of white water, light honey water or cellulose-added water before breakfast can speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, excrete the garbage and metabolites in the body the previous night, and reduce the chance of small belly.
 2. Drink water before meals to reduce appetite
Many people are not obese, but after eating, you will see a bulging appetite. This is the most standard Babyfat. Even if you have not eaten, this small appetite needs to be inhaled to cover it. So the most
Drinking a glass of water before a good meal can reduce hunger, reduce food intake, and reduce appetite after a long time. At the same time, it can also replenish the water needed by the body and accelerate the metabolism.
3. Drink water in the afternoon to reduce fat
The main manifestation of obesity is cellulite, which is caused by long-term sitting and high-calorie foods. The afternoon tea is when people feel tired and tired. At this time, it is because of emotions that they don’t have to take in.
The fragile period of time for calories, of course, the price is fat.
No alcohol, sugar, beverages, ice cream, cakes, melon seeds, peanuts, etc. All rice and vegetables should not be fried in oil. Do not add sugar to coffee. Do not drink milk. Eggs, chicken, and fish can only be boiled, steamed, or stewed.
Three meals fasting off-menu food
The scientific timeline of drinking water to lose weight:
Focus on the problem-people who love to drink polysaccharides get as many calories as people who eat lunch
   Why haven’t you noticed that beverages are also carriers of calories? Because liquids are not like solid foods that can fill your stomach and make you feel full. Some research reports even pointed out that every day
Those who consumed 250 calories of soda, orange juice, and low-fat milk ate as much for lunch as those who only drank beverages sporadically.
   How many fluid calories you consume every day, it is difficult to obtain exact statistics. But what is certain is that you have to drink water 6 times a day on average. So, in order to make you feel the heat contained in the ubiquitous drinks
To understand the quantity, we have listed the calorie content of some beverages in detail. Perhaps, you will find that your weight loss plan does not necessarily depend on dieting to make your body uncomfortable, but you can get what you want by controlling your drink.
The desired result!
8:00 breakfast
226 grams of fresh orange juice: contains 112 calories
   In your breakfast, you may remove bread because it may bring you a lot of calories, but in fact, 226 grams of fresh orange juice contains 112 calories. So, one thing you have to remember is that you can
To get more nutrition by eating fruit (rather than drinking juice).
  Smart drinking advice: When beverages are an indispensable part of your breakfast (or other meals), use the following method: pour half a cup of juice, then fill the remaining part of the cup with mineral water,
It is made into a delicious, nutritious, low-calorie special drink.
10:00 coffee
Mocha Coffee (339g): Contains 370 calories
  Beverages are usually composed of multiple ingredients. It is sometimes difficult to judge its calories, but you can check the calorie content of the ingredients needed in these drinks, for example, a small cup of Starbucks Mocha Coffee
Here, the syrup contains 250 calories, so if you drink 2 cups, it is equivalent to ingesting 500 calories.
   Smart drinking advice: A drinking method that satisfies your appetite and limits calorie intake. You can calculate the calorie content in the drink. Start with your favorite drink and cut out those that can be lost
12:00 lunch
Orange soda: 165 calories
   Soda water is basically non-nutrient, and fizzy fruit drinks often give people the illusion of being very healthy. In fact, fresh fruit juice only occupies a small part of the raw material list, and those high sugars full of calories
Sweet water often occupies a large proportion. Likewise, don't be fooled by the word "natural", it has nothing to do with how many calories a product contains.
  Smart drinking advice: When dealing with packaged beverages, most people often ignore the information on the outer packaging, and don’t pay attention to whether it should be consumed once or twice or more. One way to avoid gaining weight is
: Only pour half of the drink into the cup each time, which will force you to take the bottle again if you want to drink again, thus limiting the amount of drink.
14:00 afternoon tea
Refreshing drinks (such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull drinks, etc.): 280 calories
   refreshing drinks contain health-promoting effects, so they can be less strict than soda water. In fact, there is no doubt about the following: drink more calcium, vitamins and healthy plants
Chemical beverages, and those whose main ingredients are protein particles or soy. However, you will also find that they contain as many calories as a meal.
   Smart drinking advice: It must be pointed out here that you should not over-eat frozen yogurt. In fact, we all think that yogurt is rich in nutrients, but frozen yogurt contains more sugar.
Not plain yogurt.
17:00 fitness
Sports drinks: 125 calories
  After fitness, we usually drink plain boiled water because there is no calorie content. But this is a thing of the past. Water with vitamins and flavoring agents has become more and more coaches in health clubs.
Recommended products. But these waters have the same drawbacks as fruit juice drinks-each box usually contains more than one drink. And you often need them to quench your thirst, so when you drink
Often a bottle bottoms out.
  Smart drinking advice: Many healthy sports drinks contain vitamin B series, which you can choose when you are doing strenuous exercise. In addition, drinks with more oxygen molecules or rich in vitamins are another option.
But they often contain more sugar and calories than healthy water drinks, so you need greater exercise intensity to consume these calories.
19:00 Dinner
Red wine (169g): 374 calories
  Beer and other alcoholic beverages often contain excessive calories. In addition, canned or bottled beer does not label the calories on the bottle, and their composition often changes.
  Smart drinking advice: Do not drink these high-calorie alcohols: such as this sour mixture-"Marguerite" will increase nearly 130 calories. A glass of mineral water is the best for dinner.
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