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Tell you the correct way to lose weight with Apple!

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We know that eating apples can not only lose weight, but also help digestion. In addition, apples contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats, etc., which are essential nutrients for the brain.

Let's challenge the thin editor to tell you the correct way to lose weight with Apple!
Everyone knows that the benefit of eating apples to lose weight is that you don’t have to go hungry and eat apples when you are hungry. Because it is a low-calorie food, no matter how much you eat, it will not consume more calories than daily life, so the weight is naturally reduced.
People who eat apples to lose weight can also improve symptoms such as dry skin, allergic dermatitis, and constipation.
You know, our appetite is controlled by the brain. When the central nervous system issues the command "to eat, want to eat", you will become very gluttonous.
However, no matter how delicious the food is, you will get tired of eating too much. For example, you like to eat cake, but if it is the same kind of cake, it is impossible to eat a lot of pieces after a meal, right?
In the same way, during the apple Weight loss period, if you eat two or three apples at a time, your brain will tell you the instruction of "full stomach", so in fact, you will not eat too many apples and not consume many calories.
If you have no way to implement the three-day apple Weight loss method, you can start in one or two days. As long as you do it, there will be results.
For example, you can start with one day a week, wait for the habit, and then increase it to two or three days. People who are not used to it, it is best not to exceed three days, so as to avoid central nervous system dysfunction, but will overeating after weight loss, and become fatter than before weight loss.
Apple's popular way to lose weight on the Internet
① Eat only apples for three consecutive days, not other fruits and foods.
②You can eat apples according to the time of three meals, or eat as long as you are hungry, until you are full.
③It does not matter what kind of apples are available, but red apples are best. Green apples are sour, which may irritate the stomach.
④ Eat fresh apples and wash and peel them to avoid pesticide residues.
⑤ During these three days, when you are thirsty, you can drink boiled water or non-irritating tea, such as mint tea, barley tea, safflower tea, houttuynia cordata tea, etc.
⑥ During weight loss, your stomach will be very sensitive, so avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, such as black tea, coffee, green tea, oolong tea, etc., to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.
⑦During apple weight loss, if constipation occurs, you can drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil to moisturize the intestines on the third night to promote the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body.
Diet points after three days
After the three-day apple weight loss is over, because you stay away from irritating food, your intestines and stomach will be tender, your sense of taste will be very sensitive, and your stomach will become smaller.
Starting from the fourth day, your diet should slowly recover. You can't eat a lot of food all at once, especially don't eat snacks. During the first three days of recovery, it is best to start with porridge and tofu.
In short, when you resume your diet after losing weight, the food should be light and not excessive, so that the effect of weight loss will last.
Apple weight loss is equal to the general cleaning of the body's digestive system. If you are really fat, it is impossible to restore your body after one apple weight loss. It is best to do it once every two months until the ideal weight is reduced.
5 reasons why Apple can lose weight
① As food intake is reduced, digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines can be recuperated. During a diet, by eating less or losing weight regularly, the digestive system can rest, restore its original function, and operate normally.
②Apple weight loss improves kidney or gastrointestinal function, expels exhaust gas from the body, and purifies blood. It can expel congestion (old contaminated blood), stool (old feces), water poisoning (the cause of edema) in the body, and the body becomes healthier.
③ Apple loses weight to reduce the calorie intake of the human body, and the insufficient part requires the supply of calories accumulated in the body. The calories stored in the body is fat. When the excess fat in the body is consumed, people will naturally become thinner.
④Almost all obese people dilate their stomachs due to overeating and cannot control their appetite. The apple diet method can make the stomach shrink, appetite becomes easier to control after weight loss, and the taste becomes normal, and you will not like irritating food or greasy food.
⑤Apple weight loss can promote the formation of white blood cells in the blood, improve the body's resistance and immunity, and at the same time promote nerve and endocrine functions, and help beauty and beauty.
[Recommended Apple Diet Recipe]
   Breakfast: half a bowl of mixed rice, seaweed soup, cold radish, stewed anchovies, cold cucumber, 1 apple.
  Lunch: Half a bowl of mixed rice, seaweed soup, one tail of yellow croaker, cold zucchini, kimchi, 1 cup of milk.
  Dinner: half a bowl of mixed rice, tofu pot with miso, steamed egg, white kimchi, seaweed.
   Breakfast: 1 bowl of apple curry rice, cod soup.
   Lunch: half bowl of black rice, cod soup, half tail of roasted carp, cold radish, cold eggplant.
   Dinner: half a bowl of black rice, half a piece of soft tofu, seasoning sauce, egg drop soup, cold spinach, cod fish soup, cold kelp.
We all know the diet of apples to lose weight. We must have an active treatment attitude in our lives. Only if we take active treatment, the obesity disease will slowly recover to health. We hope that we will control our diet in our lives. , Do more exercises to prevent obesity from becoming more and more serious. I wish you all a speedy recovery!

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