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The correct method and recipe of bigu to lose weight

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Many people worry that bigu Weight loss is a scam? What is the harm of bigu to lose weight?

The following editor will popularize the specific methods of bigu to lose weight:
   Grain, in layman's terms, means not eating whole grains. Because you don’t eat anything during the "big-bread" period, the human body will convert the accumulated fat into calories to supply the daily needs of the body's functions, thereby playing the role of Weight loss. Bigu weight loss cannot blindly fast without experience and guidance from a professional instructor.
Bigu weight loss and health care focuses on improving the body's self-healthy heart function, enhancing people's physique and disease resistance. The organic combination of bigu weight loss, modern Chinese medicine and psychology forms a perfect unity for the prevention and regulation of diseases, which is more in line with the objective law of the development of medical rehabilitation.
The scientific nature of bigu weight loss is not simply about the method of bigu weight loss, but an effective combination of the essence of traditional culture with modern scientific fitness principles and psychological principles.
Bigu weight loss has its profound scientific theoretical connotation. The more modern science and medicine develop, the more it can reveal and prove its scientific theory and practical value. Therefore, the basic scientific approach of Bigu weight loss is: Combining modern science with the essence of excellent traditional culture, that is, using the latest ideas of modern science and traditional health-preserving classic theories to guide the practice of Bigu weight loss, and on this basis, create an adaptation to modern nature. The new theory and technology of bigu weight loss based on environment and social environment.

Application of Bigu Therapy
Preparation before bigu
Mental preparation
Correctly understand the purpose and characteristics of bigu therapy, strengthen confidence, and overcome temporary hunger and possible discomfort.
Eating habits preparation
(1) Gradually diet: Before bigu, you should gradually diet and do adaptive exercises. Within 3-5 days, mainly use soybean milk, rice soup, milk, raw water, apples, bananas, and dates. Eat as little as possible.
(2) Quit smoking and alcohol.
(3) Drink mineral water. Sugar and salt should not be added to the water.
Bigu period
 1. Three days before bigu, don't eat anything, drink at least 800ml of raw water every day, and drink slowly with a small cup. After 3 days, if you can continue, you can eat a little fruit and vegetables (mainly apples, tomatoes, cucumbers), but not more than 100 grams each time. (You can also not eat anything, but you must drink more than 800ml of water)
 2. During the bigu period, you can go to work normally, but you should not be overworked.
 3. In the bigu period, you must maintain a mental balance, avoid being angry and impatient, and listen to your favorite music to relax.
 4. Do more deep breathing exercises, keep the pubic region intentionally, and swallow a lot of body fluids while breathing. Prolong the time of each breath as much as possible, preferably more than half a minute.
 5. Prohibition of sexual intercourse.
 6. If you stop fasting for some reason, or if you feel unbearable, never force it, that is, stop fasting and enter the feeding period.
Feeding period
1. On the first day, drink 500ml of millet soup for each meal.
2. On the second day, drink 500ml of soy milk per meal.
3. On the third day, drink 300ml of millet porridge per meal.
4. On the fourth day, 500ml of soy milk in the morning, 300ml of millet porridge in the afternoon, and appropriate amount of tofu in the evening.
5. On days 5-7, add steamed buns and stir-fry vegetables as appropriate.
6. You can eat 60% to 80% full after 7 days.
7. A balanced diet, 60% vegetarian, 40% meat.
Bigu's precautions
There are short-term, medium-term and long-term differences in the time of bigu. In the short term, there are three to five days to two weeks; in the medium term, from half a month to one hundred days; and more than one hundred days is long-term bigu. During the period of non-limiting, there are those who are completely water-free and fast; there are those who can’t help but fasting; there are those who can eat a small amount of fruit every day; there are those who are long-term non-limiters who use dried fruits such as dates and walnuts. The method of bigu should be determined according to one's own physical feelings. After entering the bigu state, you should let it go naturally, and never have a psychological burden or impose compulsive concepts.
Generally speaking, if you are a beginner in bigu, you should take a short period of time and eat a few fruits a day. After you find the feeling and gain experience, you can go deeper. When the bigu state persists for about ten days, the weight loss begins to stop day by day, and there is an adaptation period. Generally, the reaction is relatively large, the blood pressure is low, and running or strenuous exercise is avoided, and the physical fitness is stabilized. Generally speaking, the period of bigu does not affect normal work and study, and can even participate in manual labor. But you must maintain a calm mood, not be surprised or impatient, walk lightly, move forward steadily, be careful of passers-by and vehicles, and do not stay in busy and chaotic places. After bigu for forty days, the blood pressure will return to a stable point, everything will go as usual, the energy will be vigorous, and the risk will be reduced.
It must be pointed out that the bigu state is a physiological potential of human beings, which can be developed by anyone. During the practice of alchemy, people will find that the human life has many potentials that can be developed, such as not being hungry or thirsty, not being cold or hot, stopping the pulse, suddenly increasing divine power, etc., which ordinary people think is inconceivable, but it is not surprising. Inner alchemy is a science, and the state of bigu is a fact that can be tested by scientific means. Scholars can boldly carry out experimental research and ignore the slander of ignorant and arrogant rats that pseudo-scientists have entangled. During the bigu period, there are exercises such as thinking and psychological suggestion, which must be carried out seriously. Psychology is also a science and has its own laws. It is true that mental induction can start bigu. In order to reduce accidents, bigu should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The physiological indicators and exercise experience during bigu should be recorded, especially the daily blood pressure, pulse, bowel and body weight, and the bigu should be stopped immediately when an accident is found.
Bigu taboo
Avoid drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach stimulates mucous membranes, which can easily cause gastric ulcers and gastritis.
Second, avoid smoking. Smoking causes an increase in stomach acid, triggers hunger, and can easily cause drunkenness, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches.
Three avoid drinking tea. Drinking tea is easy to stimulate the nerves, cause tea drunkenness, cause palpitation, rapid pulse and weakness of the limbs.
Four avoid sugar. Eating sugar can increase blood sugar, cause atherosclerosis, and affect kidney function and blood circulation. And it is easy to cause hunger and make bigu fail.
Five avoid drinking milk and soy milk. When starch is not ingested, milk, etc. are difficult to absorb, and it is not in line with the purpose of bigu.
Six avoid eating persimmons. When fasting, it easily combines with gastric acid to form a hard mass that is difficult to dissolve, causing gastric ulcer and gastritis.
Qi avoid eating bananas. Bananas contain a lot of magnesium, which can easily cause an imbalance in the ratio of magnesium to calcium in the blood, which can inhibit the cardiovascular system.
Eight avoid eating tomatoes. Tomato is easy to chemically react with gastric acid to synthesize hard-to-dissolve lumps, causing gastric ulcer and gastritis.
Jiu avoid eating oranges. Orange juice contains a lot of sugar and organic acids, and fasting will irritate the gastric mucosa.
Ten avoid eating hawthorn. Eating hawthorn on an empty stomach not only consumes gas, but also causes hunger and stomach pain.
Eleven avoid eating sweet potatoes. Sweet potato contains tannins and gums, which can stimulate the stomach to secrete excessive gastric acid, and it is incompatible with the purpose of bigu.
Twelve avoid eating raw onions, ginger, and garlic, which will waste your breath and easily cause acute gastritis. Other medicines, foods, and vegetables such as radishes that are considered by Chinese medicine to break the qi should not be eaten.
Non-bigger situation
1. People with mental illness.
2. Pregnant women during pregnancy.
3. Critically ill patients. Such as severe heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, malignant tumors, etc.
4. During the bigu period, you must drink an appropriate amount of raw water (purified water is also acceptable). Avoid tobacco, alcohol, irritating food, sugar, salt and snacks.
5. If there is a reaction, treat it calmly. Generally, it is not necessary to take medicine and injections. In special cases, consult a doctor or expert to deal with it.
6. During the feeding period, eat slowly and not eat too much.
7. The curative effect of bigu usually only gradually manifests after 3 months. Certain diseases, such as obesity, can be cured by repeated fasting or regular fasting every year.

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