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A cup of soy milk is a "diet medicine"! The best way to eat is here

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Drinking soy milk can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, so how about using soy milk for Weight loss?

Can drinking soy milk lose weight?

The raw material of soy milk is soybeans. Soybeans are rich in high-quality plant protein. In addition to protein, the isoflavones and soybean glycosides contained in it can effectively inhibit the absorption of lipids and sugars in the body, which is equivalent to the ability to burn fat. effect. Therefore, from the time we started to drink soy milk to absorption and digestion, soy milk is playing its fat-burning effect.

When is the best time to drink soy milk?

Because soybeans contain dietary fiber, this substance can absorb water in addition to detoxification and fat removal. When it enters the intestines and stomach, it will absorb water and swell. Once it swells, the space in the stomach will be occupied, resulting in a feeling of fullness and reducing your appetite, which means that you cannot take in more calories. Therefore, in order to reduce the absorption of calories, it is best to drink soy milk before meals.

Soy milk diet

1. Black soy milk Weight loss method

Add 1 spoon each of commercially available black soybean powder and black sesame powder to 1 cup of soy milk, and mix well.

Reminder: The proportion of legumes in the diet should not exceed 25%. If you drink soy milk and juice, it is best to limit it to three days. It should not be carried out for a long time. It is also not for people with kidney problems, gout or flatulence. Suitable for weight loss in this way.

2. Soy milk weight loss method

Breakfast: 1 bottle of soy milk or 1 pack of unsweetened soy milk + 1 fruit

Lunch: 1 small bowl of rice + 1 fish + 1 bottle of soy milk

Dinner: 1 vegetable + 1 bottle of soy milk + 1 fruit

This method lasts for 10 days, and the weight will naturally lose several kilograms. Note: In addition to drinking soy milk every day, drink plain water as usual.

3. Soy milk + cucumber weight loss method

At present, the soy milk + cucumber weight loss method often used by Korean school girls is also effective, but you have to feel wronged a little bit, because every morning and dinner, I use a bowl of soy milk and a few cucumbers as the main food, and lunch is unchanged according to my own habits. , But avoid greasy food, you must persist for more than 1 week!

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