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This can make you lose weight quickly! It's easy to lose weight this summer

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If you can lose weight while sleeping, that is definitely the gospel for most women. If you want to help calories burn during sleep, you can drink more green tea or wash cold water before going to bed to keep the room cool. In addition, exercising at night is also a good way to increase metabolism.

   1. How to burn more calories during sleep?

   1. Drink more green tea

  Green tea contains flavonoids, which can promote metabolism. If you drink a cup of green tea a day for 3 years, you will consume 3.5 calories while sleeping. You don't need to worry about the caffeine content in green tea, it won't keep you awake at night.

  2, take a cold shower before going to bed

   According to a study, washing with cold water before going to bed can help you burn up to 400 calories during sleep. Therefore, if you are not afraid of catching a cold, please give it a try.

Ways to lose weight This can make you lose weight quickly! It’s easy to lose weight this summer.

  3, exercise at night

  According to a study in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition, going directly to the gym after get off work will increase your metabolism and eventually burn more calories during sleep.

  4, exercise and eat casein

   Change snacks to casein after exercise. Casein is a slowly released protein that takes several hours to digest and maintains metabolism during sleep.

   5. Keep the room cold

   According to a study in the Medical Journal, sleeping in a very cold room can reduce calories by 7% because the body burns calories to maintain core temperature.

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