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Eight small ways for the whole family to lose weight

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Many women who are losing weight or have lost weight complain that their family members have difficulty adapting. Greasy and high-sugar foods are always popular, while light foods are often cold. Then tell your family why you did it. Once they understand your ideas, they will do their best to support and help you. Senior weight management expert Jinshan said that the following 8 points will help your family lose weight.

Eight small ways to lose weight for the whole family Eight small ways to lose weight for the whole family


   1. A little more fresh food

   Reduce the number of high-calorie foods while increasing low-calorie foods such as vegetables, salads and tomato soup. Because they can taste fresh flavors and have more choices, your family will not have any objections.

   2. Don't refuse sweets

   Make healthy foods, such as fruit salad with flavored low-fat yogurt cheese, or stewed fish soup with delicious seasoning, so that your family will hardly feel that you are losing weight.

   3. Let the kids cook for you

   Choose healthy recipes that children can easily accept or like, and ask them to choose the types of food they want to eat. At the same time, ask them to help you during the production process.

   4. Exercising with family members, it’s a lot of fun

   Go out for a walk with the children and go to the places they like, such as the local park or the surrounding mountains. After you get there, you can play games or organize a group exercise that the whole family can participate in.

   5. Exercise with family

   After dinner, let the children go for a walk with you to make sure they follow the Weight loss plan. Teach children how to check their pulse before and after exercise. They will be happy to participate in such an event, especially when you tell them that it is for long-term health. In addition, it can teach them a good habit.

   6. Let your husband lose weight with you

   When replacing high-fat foods with healthy foods, the other half may complain about these changes. Understand their complaints, give him a compliment or two at the right time, or remind him that you will be more attractive...then give him some motivation at the right time: a man's waist circumference is inversely proportional to his health and sexual function , Ask him to control his diet with you. The partner is more likely to succeed.

  7. Keep recording the daily diet

  Record is the greatest motivation for perseverance. At the same time, records can not only control their own diet, but also prevent the whole family from overeating. At the same time, healthy living habits will be gradually established as a result of records. this

   8. One serving of soup, vegetable juice or low-fat salad per meal

  Research has shown that people who eat a lot of low-calorie appetizers (such as soup or salad) before eating eat much less food during the entire meal than those who eat the main course directly.

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