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10 daily habits to help you lose weight healthily

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You want to lose weight successfully, but you are not willing to give up your favorite foods or join the ranks of fitness. What should you do at this time? As long as you develop the following 10 life habits, you will become a real skinny beauty! You don’t have to be strict with your diet, and you don’t have to work hard. Choose some habits you like. As long as you persist, you will definitely lose weight!

1. Small exercise before getting up

When you get up and open your eyes, do not support with your hands and sit up slowly. Keep your feet straight, lean forward, and lean toward your legs as much as possible. Hold your feet with your hands, and then take a deep breath to tighten your abdomen. As long as you repeat this action twice, you can easily eliminate 10 calories.

 2, a cup of oatmeal a day

Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to promote digestion, is easy to produce satiety, suppress appetite, and has enough dietary fiber to easily produce satiety. Oatmeal is rich in insoluble fiber, which can promote bowel movements, promote digestion, and prevent constipation. The loser needs to insist on eating to have a significant Weight loss effect.

 3. Eat more protein-rich foods

Studies have shown that the more protein-containing foods you add to your daily diet, the less you eat, so you can add a boiled egg or part of nonfat dry cheese to your cereal. Protein digestion takes a long time, giving people a lasting feeling of fullness, and it is not easy to feel hungry. Protein can inhibit the secretion of hormones that promote fat formation and reduce fat production. Therefore, it is also a good habit to add some protein-rich foods to each meal, so that you can lose weight successfully.

4. Lose weight while brushing your teeth

When brushing your teeth, stand on one foot and change one foot every 30 seconds. In this way, your core muscles can develop in a balanced way. Don't underestimate this little trick. It can help you burn 10 calories at a time.

   5. Drink less coffee

The cup of coffee that you bought in a hurry on the way to work in the morning may contain one-fifth of the calories you need every day. Some instant coffee contains sugar itself, while others contain 400 calories per cup. Therefore, it is recommended that you use low-fat milk instead of coffee, which is more conducive to Weight loss and healthy living habits.

  6, choose low-calorie bread

A 500-calorie butter bread requires you to take 10,000 steps to completely eliminate its calories. If you really like bread, choose some low-calorie bread. Shortcrust bread has the lowest calories because it is not sweet and contains a small amount of sugar, salt and fat. After baking, the skin becomes crispy and hard, and it is delicious when eaten hot. French staple bread and Russian "Daliba" belong to this category, and their nutritional value is roughly similar to that of steamed bread.

7. Wear more casual clothes

A study found that wearing jeans, sweatshirts or soft-soled flat shoes consumes more calories than wearing high heels and skirts. why? Because casual clothes will make you more willing to walk, you will walk more and consume more calories.

8. Replace your juice with plain water

Replace your soda or juice with plain water. Carbonated drinks and juices are high in calories and they claim to quench your thirst, which actually makes you thirsty. Develop a good habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking a glass of water before meals will make you feel full and reduce appetite. As we all know, fruit juice and soda water are high-calorie drinks, while plain water has zero calories.

9. Snack smartly

For your favorite snacks or snacks, please choose a small bag or a zipper bag. For example, four Oreos have 200 calories, and a small bag has only 75 calories, so you won't eat the whole big bag because of overeating, and then indulge in fat production and gain weight.

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