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Super effective 5 weeks healthy detox and slimming guide

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If you want to lose weight, you must first detoxify. The accumulation of toxins in your body will make you lose weight in vain. But how can we detoxify quickly without affecting our health? Let's take a look at the five-week detox and slimming plan shared by netizens. The effect is not bad.

   Week 1: Empty the trash in the body

The goal of this stage: all wastes that hinder the happy burning of calories are excreted.

Interference factors: biscuits, bread, butter, chocolate, carbohydrates, juice, meat, cheese, etc. Food intake is not easy to be emptied in time, so it is best not to tempt yourself by keeping it in the refrigerator frequently.

Routine nutrition: All kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt, fish or seafood are the necessities of daily diet. In addition, we should prepare enough low-fat delicious food and eat it when we feel hungry.

Low-fat foods that do not require a diet include:

Soy milk (rich in dietary fiber and plant fiber, helps to consume body fat);

Green tea (the tea polyphenols can activate the activity of enzymes in the body, promote detoxification and promote sugar metabolism);

Sugar substitute (an artificial sweetener made from glucose and other ingredients, easy to digest);

Honey (can promote metabolism and remove garbage from the body);

Sesame oil (edible vegetable oil with sesame as raw material, easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body);

Balsamic vinegar (rich in more than 10 kinds of amino acids essential to the human body, which can significantly relieve constipation);

Mineral water (rich in calcium). You should drink a bowl of homemade detoxification soup before meals, and you can drink it freely during dinner.

Exercise: First prepare half a cabbage, 6 carrots, 2 sweet peppers, 1 celery, 8 peeled potatoes, 1 parsley, 2 cloves of garlic and 6 onions. Wash them one by one, then boil about 3 liters of purified water, then pour all these vegetables into the pot and cook, you are ready to eat.

  TIPS: Helping digestion is important

If you are worried about flatulence after drinking too much, it is recommended that you take appropriate snack tablets to help digestion. Bring a bottle of green tea (preferably in a thermos) and a bottle of anti-hunger oral spray. When you are really hungry, you might as well eat an apple, kiwi or pear. You can also eat a small amount of cereals or low-calorie snacks, or even a small piece of low-fat chocolate.

If you can't help but go to a restaurant to improve your food, you better divert your attention. For example, finding some favorite CDs to go home will also help you spend a week relaxed and happy, and even forget that you are losing weight. There is only one thing, continuous appreciation of intervertebral discs should not be too long, and try to fall asleep before 12 o'clock, otherwise the body's metabolic system will easily be disordered. Consistently drinking a bowl of vegetable detox soup before meals will reduce your appetite to 1/3 of usual, and anyone can see you lose weight in a week.

   Weeks 2 and 3: It’s good to follow the rules

The goal at this stage: Eat a nutritious diet, don't avoid eating too much, but don't be reckless and cause rebound.

Disturbing factors: After fasting last week, the greedy people in their stomachs will inevitably "protest" collectively. If they really salivate, they will reward themselves occasionally.

Routine nutrition: In addition to insisting on eating vegetable detox soup before each meal, pasta, meat, eggs, maltose and other healthy and delicious foods can also be added to the nutrition recipe last week, and occasionally one or two slices of dark chocolate or cheese toast . Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual, stretch your limbs on the balcony, do some exercise, and then tidy the room. If you have pets, you can take them for a walk downstairs and then come back for breakfast.

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