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The eight most popular weight loss methods

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The new year has begun, how to formulate a new Weight loss plan for 2011? Below, Bian Xiao introduces the 8 most popular and favored weight loss methods in 2011 to help you enjoy the whole year.

 1, a balanced diet to lose weight

A balanced diet is the healthiest way to lose weight. In order to lose weight and maintain the normal work of the body's metabolic system, it is necessary to drink more water to promote body fat metabolism. Eat fiber-rich foods to enhance satiety and reduce fat absorption; eat more laxatives and diuretics. At the same time, the intake of sugar and fat.

2. Proper diet to lose weight

In the eyes of many women, dieting to lose weight is to reduce food intake as much as possible, or even stop eating. In fact, the real diet is a "moderate diet", including the time, type and quantity of food.

Proper diet does not mean that you only eat one meal a day, but that you should eat something before the main meal and don't wait until you are hungry. This can prevent you from being hungry or eating too much food. In other words, it is best to eat less and more meals, while controlling the types of food, eat more cellulose-containing vegetables and fruits, and eat less high-fat and high-calorie foods, especially some junk foods, sweets and beverages.

 3, low-salt diet weight loss method

People’s eating habits cause most people to consume too much salt. However, too much sodium in the body prevents the body from draining excess water, resulting in "edema" and edema.

The World Health Organization recommends that the daily amount of salt per person should be controlled within 6 grams. We usually eat light food, but we also eat less soy sauce, preserved food, sausages and other foods.

4. Aerobic exercise to lose weight

Practice shows that exercise, especially aerobic exercise, combined with diet control, can effectively lose weight, achieve the effect of lowering blood fat and Healthy weight loss.

Simply put, aerobic exercise is several repetitions of moderate and low-intensity exercises, such as rope skipping, running, mountain climbing, and so on. It is an aerobic exercise with a good weight loss effect.

 5, gymnastics to lose weight

Gymnastics not only builds muscles, but also maintains the beauty of dieters. Performing weight loss exercises as planned can consume excess body fat, increase metabolic rate, improve physical fitness, maintain a healthy body, and achieve the dual effects of weight loss, weight loss and physical fitness.

6. Appetite suppressing drugs to lose weight

Diet pills have certain side effects. Regular consumption may damage the body's normal metabolism and even damage health. Therefore, women should not choose to take weight-loss drugs to lose weight easily. However, if diet, exercise and other weight loss methods cannot achieve the desired results, appropriate consumption of some appetite suppressant weight loss drugs will help further reduce fat.

Most appetite suppressants contain tea phenolamine or serotonin, which can be used to regulate the hypothalamus and satiety center to reduce weight.

 7, Chinese medicine differential weight loss method

Chinese medicine has a long history of weight loss. It is safe and effective, with little side effects. This is a relatively healthy way to lose weight. Traditional Chinese medicine divides obesity into spleen deficiency and dampness resistance type, gastric damp-heat resistance type, liver stagnation and qi stagnation type, spleen and kidney deficiency type, yin-dampness internal heat type, and different types of obesity are treated according to syndrome differentiation.

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